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   Chapter 48 PART I. No.48

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 1203

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Dominate: to lord over, to overawe, to be master of. (Latin dominus, a master, lord.)

Crusade: an expedition under the banner of the Cross to recover the Holy Land from the Turks. Richard I. went on the third Crusade in 1191.

antiquaries: people who study ancient things.

medi?val: made during the middle ages; the period, roughly speaking, between the time of the Romans and the reign of Henry VII. (400-1485).

lieutenant: an officer in command of the Tower.

keep: the strongest part of a fortress or castle.

insignia: the badges of any office.

menagerie: a collection of wild ani


Queen Anne Boleyn, to marry whom, Henry VIII. divorced Catherine of Aragon. She was the mother of Queen Elizabeth.

Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen by the Duke of Northumberland on the death of Edward VI., but the attempt to prevent Mary's accession was a failure, and Lady Jane Grey was executed in 1554.

Guy Fawkes: a conspirator who tried to blow up the King and Parliament in 1605.

The unfortunate princes were Edward V., son of Edward IV., and the rightful king, and Richard Duke of York, his younger brother, murdered in the Tower by the usurper Richard III., 1483.

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