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   Chapter 46 PART I. No.46

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 925

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Architect: one who designs buildings and superintends the building of them.

Jewry: the district in a town inhabited by the Jews; for in early times the Jews were not allowed to live where they liked, but only in quarters assigned to them. The street now called Old Jewry turns out of the Poultry, on the north side.

essential: something very important and that cannot be done without.

intercommunication: intercourse; dealings between people which are m

ade much easier by having good roads and bridges to travel on.

La Rochelle: a seaport in France on the Atlantic, some distance north of Bordeaux.

Saintes: a French town about thirty-eight miles from La Rochelle.

St. Thomas Becket, the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury, who was canonised, that is, named a saint after his death.

titular: giving his name to the bridge.

crypt: an underground or lower room used as a chapel or burying-place.

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