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   Chapter 45 PART II. No.45

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 1075

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Tyburn: a brook which gave its name to the place Tyburn, where the Marble Arch now stands.

Westbourne: this brook has given its name to Westbourne Park, in Paddington.

Holywell may be remembered by Holywell Street, in the Strand.

Clerkenwell is named after the Parish Clerks' Well, round which they used to perform their 'mysteries.'

quarterstaff: a long staff used as a weapon of defence, and held in the middle and also one quarter way from the end.

tabor: a kind of small drum beaten with one drumstick.

consuls: the

chief magistrates of Rome: two of them with equal power came into office every year.

senatorial: appointed and controlled by the senate or governing council of Rome.

venison (pronounced ven′-zon): the flesh of deer.

cleric: a clergyman.

abbot: the head of an abbey or monastery.

magnate: a great man, a man of great wealth and rank. (Latin magnus, great.)

metropolitan: the bishop of a metropolis or chief cathedral city, as Canterbury is the metropolis of England in this sense.

ordinances: laws, commands.

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