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   Chapter 44 PART I. No.44

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 1806

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St. Bartholomew the Great in Smithfield is part of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

St. Ethelburga is in Bishopsgate Street, not far from Liverpool Street Railway Station.

crypt is a chapel or vault underground.

St. Swithin's Church is near Cannon Street Railway Station. 'London Stone,' supposed to be a Roman milestone, is let into the wall of this church. St. Swithin, to whom the church is dedicated, was a Saxon Bishop of Winchester, under whose care the youth of Alfred was spent at Winchester.

Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, was murdered in his own cathedral by four knights, who thought they were executing the wishes of Henry II. (1170 A.D.).

conventual: attached to convents.

Palatine usually means 'held by a nobleman who has had royal powers given him.'

Westminster is named after a minster first erected there of wood about 604 A.D.: it was thus distinguished from

St. Paul's, which was the 'East Minster.' The site was a marshy spot, then called Thorney, or Thorn Island.

Charing Cross is named from the memorial cross built there by Edward I. in 1294 in honour of his queen, Eleanor, who was brought for burial from Lincoln to Westminster, and each place (nine) where her body rested was marked by a similar cross. ('Charing' is a corruption of the French chère reine, dear queen.)

Cheapside: the important street running between St. Paul's and the Mansion House is so called because its site was the side-the south side-of the Chepe, or old London market.

East Chepe, or the East Market, has given its name to Eastcheap, a street running from the City towards the Tower.

mercer: a merchant selling woollens and silks.

folkmotes: the meetings of the folk or tribe: they met in arms in the Saxon times, and were presided over by the alderman.

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