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   Chapter 41 SAXON CITIZEN. No.41

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 1486

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Athelstan (925-940), the grandson of Alfred the Great, and Etheldred II. (979-1013) were kings of England.

earl or eorl was what we should now call a gentleman of good family; thanes: nobles who for the most part acquired their titles from the king as rewards for services.

municipal: having to do with the municipality or city.

French: Norman-French was the language spoken by the Normans.

the meat and fish were salted: in the absence of root-crops it was found difficult to keep animals through the winter. Hence much salt meat and fish were stored up.

embroidery: the art of working designs on cloth in needlework.

spinster: an unmarried woman; so called because unmarried daughters worked at spinning and weaving for the

household, making 'homespun' cloth for them.

marauding: roving about for plunder.

solar: in early houses the chamber over the hall, used as the bedroom for the master and mistress of the house. (See picture on p. 73.)

tapestry: thick hangings or curtains with figures worked on them.

mead: a fermented drink made of honey: metheglin is another form of the word.

wattle: flexible twigs, withies, or osier rods: daub, mud.

turbulent: disorderly, riotous.

Thames Street: a very narrow street running along the bank of the Thames between Blackfriars and the Tower.

ward: a division of the City. The ward mote or ward meeting still exists, and elects the alderman or representative of the ward on the City Council.

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