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   Chapter 37 PART II. No.37

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 838

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Blackfriars, at the eastern end of the Thames Embankment, derives its name from a monastery or house of Black Friars which stood there.

Watling Street, Ermyn Street, Vicinal Way: made by the Romans, who were famous makers of high roads, many of which are still in use. (See map on p. 15.)

Newgate was a gate on the west of the walls which enclosed the City; Bishopsgate, on the north-east.

victualling: providi

ng food for.

emergencies: times of difficulty and danger.

Isle of Thanet: it must be remembered that the Stour, at the back of Thanet, was once much wider and deeper than it is now. In fact, it was the general route for vessels coming up the Thames.

appointments: furniture, fittings.

mimics: actors who played in farces, like our pantomimes.

scribes: among the Romans, clerks in public offices.

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