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   Chapter 36 PART I. No.36

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 895

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East Saxons were those who dwelt in Essex, the county named after them.

Crayford: on the river Cray in north Kent. Here the Saxons under Hengist totally defeated the Britons under Vortimer in 457 A.D.

Canterbury is the burgh, borough, or fortified place of the men of Kent.

Pulborough, in Sussex, gives us another form of the suffix.

chronicler: a historian, particularly one living in early times.

Saxons: German tribes from the dis

trict by the mouth of the Elbe; Jutes, from a part of Denmark which still preserves their name, Jutland; Angles, from what is now Schleswig and Holstein.

Count of the Saxon Shore: the Roman admiral set to defend the southern parts of the English coast, which were called 'Saxon Shore,' because most liable to attack from the Saxons.

mercenaries: soldiers who do not fight for the safety and glory of their own country, but for hire.

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