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   Chapter 35 PART II. No.35

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 890

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Tesselated: formed of small pieces of stone or tile of various colours arranged to form a pattern, like mosaic work.

Diana: the Roman Goddess of Hunting; also of the Moon.

Apollo: the Roman God of Poetry, Music, and Prophecy.

Guildhall: the hall of the Guild or Corporation of the City of London, near Cheapside.

usurper: one who by force seizes and holds a position which does not belong to him.

Picts: wild savages from the coun

try which we call Scotland; Scots, also savage men, who, though they afterwards gave their name to Scotland, at that time came from Ireland.

Hong Kong: an island off the coast of China; Singapore, a large British seaport on an island of the same name off the south end of the Malay Peninsula; West Indies, a number of islands to the east of Central America in the Atlantic: of those belonging to Great Britain Jamaica is the largest.

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