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   Chapter 34 PART I. No.34

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 777

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Stationary camp: a fixed or permanent camp; a fort. A Roman army on the march constructed a camp if it only spent one night in a place. Such camps were not stationary.

Porchester: a small town on the north side of Portsmouth Harbour. Chester is the Latin castra, a camp, and occurs in Leicester, Colchester, Chester, Silchester, &c.

rubble: small rough stones often used inside pile

s of masonry.

Silchester: a place near Reading at which remains of old Roman buildings have been dug out.

Mincing Lane: a narrow street in the east part of the City.

tribunal: the place where judges sit to administer justice.

Exchange: the place where merchants meet and carry on their business.

stevedores: those engaged in the work of loading and unloading ships.

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