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   Chapter 33 PART II. No.33

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 1851

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Malarious: causing the air to be bad, and so giving rise to fevers; unhealthy. (Latin malus, bad; aer, air.)

Weybridge, in Surrey, near where the river Wey, after flowing past Godalming and Guildford, falls into the Thames.

entrenching: making a trench or ditch. The earth dug out was formed into a mound. The mound and ditch, together with the stockade, protected the place.

stockade: a barrier made of stakes stuck in the ground.

Gaul: the old name for the country now called France-the land of the Galli, or Celts. Gaelic is the language still spoken by the Celts in Scotland.

Thanet: a district in the north-east of Kent, containing Ramsgate, Margate, and Broadstairs. The river Stour parts it from the rest of Kent, so that it is still an 'island,' though the channel was formerly much wider and deeper.

Captain Cook: a famous sailor born 1728, murdered in the Sandwich Islands 1779. He was among the fi

rst to visit Australia and New Zealand, and made many discoveries in the Pacific.

Polynesians: the natives of Polynesia, or the smaller islands in the South Pacific. They are brown-skinned, and akin in race to the Maories of New Zealand and the Malays.

Brythonic: that portion of the Celts whose descendants are now the Welsh, Bretons: (in Bretagne, on the west coast of France), and Cornishmen.

Basques: the natives of a part of northern Spain, near the Pyrenees. Their language is unconnected with any other, except perhaps that of the Finns. The Province and Bay of Biscay is named after them.

Finns: the natives of Finland in Russia. Like the Basques, they are the remains of a nation which once spread over all Europe, and has now nearly disappeared.

barrow: a mound raised over a grave.

Verulam: an old British, and then a Roman town, on the site of which is now St. Albans, in Hertfordshire.

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