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   Chapter 57 No.57

Selections from the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning By Robert Browning Characters: 819

Updated: 2017-12-01 00:04

Dante once prepared to paint an angel:

Whom to please? You whisper "Beatrice."

While he mused and traced it and retraced it

(Peradventure with a pen corroded35

Still by drops of that hot ink he dipped for,

When, his left hand i' the hair o' the wicked,

Back he held the brow and pricked its stigma,

Bit into the live man's flesh for parchment,

Loosed him, laughed to see the writing ran


Let the wretch go festering through Florence)-

Dante, who loved well because he hated,

Hated wickedness that hinders loving,

Dante standing, studying his angel-

In there broke the folk of his Inferno.45

Says he-"Certain people of importance"

(Such he gave his daily, dreadful line to)

"Entered and would seize, forsooth, the poet."

Says the poet-"Then I stopped my painting."

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