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   Chapter 48 No.48

Selections from the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning By Robert Browning Characters: 832

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However, at sunrise our company mustered;

And here was the huntsman bidding unkennel,

And there 'neath his bonnet the pricker blustered,

With feather dank as a bough of wet fennel;335

For the courtyard walls were filled with fog

You might have cut as an ax chops a log-

Like so much wool for color and bulkiness;

And out rode the Duke in a perfect sulkiness,

Since, before breakfast, a man fe

els but queasily,340

And a sinking at the lower abdomen

Begins the day with indifferent omen.

And lo, as he looked around uneasily,

The sun plowed the fog up and drove it asunder

This way and that from the valley under;345

And, looking through the court-yard arch,

Down in the valley, what should meet him

But a troop of gypsies on their march?

No doubt with the annual gifts to greet him.

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