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   Chapter 41 No.41

Selections from the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning By Robert Browning Characters: 1176

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And he came back the pertest little ape

That ever affronted human shape;100

Full of his travel, struck at himself.

You'd say he despised our bluff old ways?

-Not he! For in Paris they told the elf

Our rough North land was the Land of Lays,

The one good thing left in evil days;105

Since the Mid-Age was the Heroic Time,

And only in wild nooks like ours

Could you taste of it yet as in its prime,

And see true castles, with proper towers,

Young-hearted women, old-minded men,110

And manners now as manners were then.

So, all that the old Dukes had be

en, without knowing it,

This Duke would fain know he was, without being it;

'Twas not for the joy's self, but the joy of his showing it,

Nor for the pride's self, but the pride of our seeing it,115

He revived all usages thoroughly worn-out,

The souls of them fumed-forth, the hearts of them torn-out:

And chief in the chase his neck he periled

On a lathy horse, all legs and length,

With blood for bone, all speed, no strength;120

-They should have set him on red Berold

With the red eye slow consuming in fire,

And the thin stiff ear like an abbey-spire!

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