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   Chapter 28 JOY COMETH

Riddle of the Storm / A Mystery Story for Boys By Roy J. Snell Characters: 4749

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For a few hours, each wrapped in his feather robe, they slept on the floor before the fire. Then, all too eager for the final curtain on this little drama of the North, they were away.

As a representative of the Canadian Government, Jock Gordon took charge of the black cube and its precious contents. Curlie Carson agreed to carry him straight to Edmonton.

Since Drew Lane had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his mission in the North, in so far as it concerned the stolen air mail plane, was to be a fruitless one, he decided to return with Curlie to Edmonton. There he would make connections with his own pilot and fly home.

"When I attempted that double parachute stunt," he said to Curlie, "I told the pilot to fly my Red Racer back to the airport, then keep his mouth shut. So he's sure to be waiting there."

"But where do you suppose that air mail plane is?" Johnny Thompson asked.

"Who can answer that? Perhaps in Cuba, or Mexico or Central America. A crook with plenty of money can travel far. But in the end we'll get him."

"We'll take this boy along and drop him off at Fort Chipewyan," said Curlie, turning to D'Arcy Arden.

The boy beamed his gratitude.

A few moments later the motor thundered and they were away.

When the party had in this manner been reduced to three, Johnny, Sandy and the hunchback bowman, Sandy exclaimed:

"Now, son! Lead me to this enchanted cave!"

An enchanted cave it proved to be. "It's radium! Richest find ever made!" the prospector exclaimed the moment his eyes rested upon its walls. "Must be phosphorus and zinc blended with it in a peculiar manner. But it is rich in radium. I would stake my life on it."

Just as they were preparing to leave the cave, they caught the sound of some one shouting. On reaching the exit they found Scott Ramsey waiting outside.

"You left no word," he accused Sandy.

"The dog came with an emergency call. I could but answer," Sandy rumbled.

"So you're all safe!" Scott seemed relieved.

"Safe enough. And our young friend here has made a discovery such as is made only once in a generation." He told of the find in the cavern they had just left.

"But look here!" Scott exclaimed when he had finished and they had rejoiced together.

He drew a letter from his pocket and read it aloud. It had come in answer to his enquiry regarding the films h

e had left in Winnipeg. It explained that the suite of offices to which the vault belonged had been sublet; that the vault had been cleared of all obsolete material, and that through some mistake the films had been sold with waste paper to a junk man.

"That means," Johnny's face lighted with a broad smile as he spoke, "that those people in that other camp bought them from the junk man."

"As they had a perfect right to do," supplemented Sandy.

"And that's that!" Johnny did a wild whirl on the hard crusted snow.

"'Joy cometh in the morning!'" he exclaimed. "For a long time I've been feeling mean about our plans to hop in and file on land close to those other prospectors if they made a strike.

"I've insisted that one of them is a crook. Joyce Mills has stuck to it that they were the right sort, each and every one. And it seems she's right. For if they bought the films, who can say they did not have the right to use them?"

"Who indeed?" Sandy's face lighted with a smile that was good to see. "And who wants gold when he may mine radium?"

"Come on, Ginger!" Johnny set his leader on his feet. "We're going to be the first to break the glad news to Joyce Mills."

In this he was not disappointed. And the light that shone from the girl's eyes as she was told that not one of her three champions had done wrong, was worth all the weary miles of travel that had led him to her camp.

Over a huge roast of venison the men of the two camps pledged fellowship, co-operation and mutual good will.

If there are those who would know more of the mysterious Moccasin Telegraph, let them journey to the far Northland and seek such knowledge there.

Johnny Thompson soon left Sandy and Scott to develop the radium strike, which was a rich one in very truth, to wander back to the white lights of a great city. There once more he came into contact with Drew Lane.

Together they undertook the unraveling of a mystery such as appears but once in a lifetime. If you wish to know its nature and to read of the many brilliant maneuvers that at last led to its solving, you must read our next book: The Galloping Ghost.

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