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   Chapter 13 No.13

The World As I Have Found It / Sequel to Incidents in the Life of a Blind Girl By Mary L. Day Characters: 2439

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"There is an old belief that in the embers

Of all things, their primordial form exists;

And cunning Alchemists could recreate

The rose, with all its members,

From its own ashes-but without the bloom,

Without the least perfume.

Ah me! what wonder-working, occult science

Can from the ashes of our hearts

Once more the rose of youth restore?

What craft of alchemy can bid defiance

To time, and change; and for a single hour,

Renew this phantom flower?"

Taking New Hampshire in my route, I was pained to find the season too far advanced to admit a trip to White Mountains, and among the great objects of interest I must of necessity omit this "Noblest Roman of them all," and pass silently by the grandeur of this rugged mountain scenery.

I went to Waterbury, Vermont, the birth-place of Mr. Arms, and, after a short rest at the hotel, walked through the meadow, and crossed the clear trout-stream he had so often pictured to me as most prominent among the reminiscences of his boyhood. Going to the homestead now hallowed to me as his birth-place, I was kindly received by the widow of his brother, who needed only the knowledge of my acquaintance with her friends in the West to pla

ce me upon a familiar footing, and I became an earnest, attentive listener to her well rendered rehearsal of the pranks of his urchin-hood. So was this day marked as memorable in the calendar of life. From Waterbury I went to Burlington, and thence to Montpelier, and finding the Legislature in session the sale of my books was greatly enhanced by the liberal patronage of its members; and here as elsewhere I had reason to to thank our national convocations.

The rigor of the approaching New England winter warned me of the necessity for going South. While on the Hudson River Railroad I was accosted by a gentleman who asked me if I could read the raised letters, and learning that I could, he begged me to accept a copy of the Bible in that style of lettering; I of course did so, and have this volume still in my possession.

Going to Chicago I found Mr. Arms established in business, which gave me an additional hope for future happiness, and 'tis needless to say,

"I built myself a castle

So stately, grand and fair;

I built myself a castle,

A castle in the air."

Delicate lungs and irritating cough, sent me still further South, and I reluctantly left Chicago and all I held so dear.

* * *

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