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   Chapter 40 LOVE'S BAPTISM.

Poems by Emily Dickinson, Three Series, Complete By Emily Dickinson Characters: 684

Updated: 2017-12-01 00:03

I'm ceded, I've stopped being theirs;

The name they dropped upon my face

With water, in the country church,

Is finished using now,

And they can put it with my dolls,

My childhood, and the string of spools

I've finished threading too.

Baptized before without the choice,

But this time consciously, of grace

Unto supr

emest name,

Called to my full, the crescent dropped,

Existence's whole arc filled up

With one small diadem.

My second rank, too small the first,

Crowned, crowing on my father's breast,

A half unconscious queen;

But this time, adequate, erect,

With will to choose or to reject.

And I choose - just a throne.

* * *

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