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   Chapter 139 No.139

Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 1389

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... Twenty minutes past five by the clock of the Bourse. The hill shadows are shrinking back from the shore;-the long wharves reach out yellow into the sun;-the tamarinds of the Place Bertin, and the pharos for half its height, and the red-tiled roofs along the bay are catching the glow. Then, over the light-house-on the outermost line depending from the southern yard-arm of the semaphore-a big black ball suddenly runs up like a spider climbing its own thread.... Steamer from the South! The packet has been sighted. And I have not yet been able to pack away into a specially purchased wooden box all the fruits and vegetable curiosities and odd little presents sent to me. If Radice the bo

atman had not come to help me, I should never be able to get ready; for the work of packing is being continually interrupted by friends and acquaintances coming to say good-bye. Manm-Robert brings to see me a pretty young girl-very fair, with a violet foulard twisted about her blonde head. It is little Basilique, who is going to make her pouémiè communion. So I kiss her, according to the old colonial custom, once on each downy cheek;-and she is to pray to Notre Dame du Bon Port that the ship shall bear me safely to far-away New York.

And even then the steamer's cannon-call shakes over the town and into the hills behind us, which answer with all the thunder of their phantom artillery.

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