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   Chapter 109 No.109

Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 1682

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... The La Guayra was a point on the sky-verge;-the sun's face had vanished. The silence and the darkness were deepening together.

-"Si lanmè ka vini plis fò, ?a nou ké fai?" (If the sea roughens, what are we to do?) asked Maximilien.

-"Maybe we will meet a steamer," answered Stéphane: "the Orinoco was due to-day."

-"And if she pass in the night?"

-"They can see us."...

-"No, they will not be able to see us at all. There is no moon."

-"They have lights ahead."

-"I tell thee, they will not see us at all,-pièss! pièss! pièss!"

-"Then they will hear us cry out."

-"NO,-we cannot cry so loud. One can hear nothing but a steam-whistle or a cannon, with the noise of the wind and the water and the machine.... Even on the Fort-de-France packet one cannot hear for the machine. And the machine of the Orinoco is mor

e big than the church of the 'Centre.'"

-"Then we must try to get to La Dominique."

... They could now feel the sweep of the mighty current;-it even seemed to them that they could hear it,-a deep low whispering. At long intervals they saw lights,-the lights of houses in Pointe-Prince, in Fond-Canonville,-in Au Prêcheur. Under them the depth was unfathomed:-hydrographic charts mark it sans-fond. And they passed the great cliffs of Aux Abymes, under which lies the Village of the Abysms.

The red glare in the west disappeared suddenly as if blown out;-the rim of the sea vanished into the void of the gloom;-the night narrowed about them, thickening like a black fog. And the invisible, irresistible power of the sea was now bearing them away from the tall coast,-over profundities unknown,-over the sans-fond,-out to the horizon.

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