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   Chapter 94 April 20th.

Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 1016

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Very early yesterday morning Yzore was carried away under a covering of quick-lime: the children do not know; Manm-Robert took heed they should not see. They have been told their mother has been taken to the country to get well,-that the doctor will bring her back.... All the furniture is to be sold at auction to debts;-the landlord was patient, he waited four months; the doctor was kindly: but now these must have their due. Everything will be bidden off, except the chapelle, with its Virgin and angels

of porcelain: yo pa ka pè venne Bon-Dié (the things of the Good-God must not be sold). And Manm-Robert will take care little ones.

The bed-a relic of former good-fortune,-a great Martinique bed of carved heavy native wood,-a lit-à-bateau (boat-bed), so called because shaped almost like a barge, perhaps-will surely bring three hundred francs;-the armoire, with its mirror doors, not less than two hundred and fifty. There is little else of value: the whole will not fetch enough to pay all the dead owes.

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