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   Chapter 88 No.88

Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 1387

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... In most of the old stone houses you will occasionally see spiders of terrifying size,-measuring across perhaps as much as six inches from the tip of one out-stretched leg to the tip of its opposite fellow, as they cling to the wall. I never heard of anyone being bitten by them; and among the poor it is deemed unlucky to injure or drive them away.... But early this morning Yzore swept her house clean, and ejected through door-way quite a host of these monster insects. Manm-Robert is quite dismayed:-

-"Fesis-Ma?a!-ou 'lè malhè encò pou fai ?a, chè?" (You want to have still more bad luck, that you do such a thing?)

And Yzore answers:-

-"Toutt moune i?itt pa ni yon sou!-gou?s

conm ?a fil zagrignin, et moin pa menm mangé! Epi laverette encò.... Moin couè toutt ?a ka pòté malhè!" (No one here has a sou!-heaps of cobwebs like that, and nothing to eat yet; and the verette into the bargain... I think those things bring bad luck.)

-"Ah! you have not eaten yet!" cries Manm-Robert. "Vini épi moin!" (Come with me!)

And Yzore-already feeling a little remorse for her treatment of the spiders-murmurs apologetically as she crosses over to Manm-Robert's little shop:-"Moin pa tchoué yo; moin chassé yo-ké vini encò." (I did not kill them; I only put them out;-they will come back again.)

But long afterwards, Manm-Robert remarked to me that they never went back....

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