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   Chapter 82 No.82

Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 1298

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... I have written Mimi's last dream from the child's dictation:- [22]

-"I saw a ball," she says, "I was dreaming: I saw everybody dancing with masks on;-I was looking at them, And all at once I saw that the folks who were dancing were all made of pasteboard. And I saw a commandeur: he asked me what I was doing there, I answered him: 'Why, I saw a ball, and I came to look-what of it?' He answered me:-'Since you are so curious to come and look at other folks' business, you will have to stop here and dance too!' I said to him:-'No! I won't dance with people made of pasteboard;-I am afraid of them!'...And I ran and ran and ran,-I was so much

afraid. And I ran into a big garden, where I saw a big cherry-tree that had only leaves upon it; and I saw a man sitting under the cherry-tree, He asked me:-'What are you doing here?' I said to him:-'I am trying to find my way out,' He said:-'You must stay here.' I said:-'No, no!'-and I said, in order to be able to get away:-'Go up there!-you will see a fine ball: all pasteboard people dancing there, and a pasteboard commandeur commanding them!'... And then I got so frightened that I awoke."...

... "And why were you so afraid of them, Mimi?" I ask.

-"Pace yo té toutt vide endedans!" answers Mimi. (Because they were all hollow inside!)

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