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   Chapter 72 No.72

Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 958

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And the multicolored clamoring stream rushes by,-swerves off at last through the Rue des Ursulines to the Savane,-rolls over the new bridge of the Roxelane to the ancient quarter of the Fort.

All of a sudden there is a hush, a halt;-the drums stop beating, the songs cease. Then I see a sudden scattering of goblins and demons and devilesses in all directions: they run into houses, up alleys,-hide behind door-ways. And the crowd parts; and straight through it, walking very

quickly, comes a priest in his vestments, preceded by an acolyte who rings a little bell. C'est Bon-Dié ka passé! ("It is the Good-God who goes by!") The father is bearing the "viaticum" to some victim of the pestilence: one must not appear masked as a devil or a deviless in the presence of the Bon-Die.

He goes by. The flood of maskers recloses behind the ominous passage;-the drums boom again; the dance recommences; and all the fantastic mummery ebbs swiftly out of sight.

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