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Two Years in the French West Indies By Lafcadio Hearn Characters: 3510

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* * *

List of Illustrations

La Place Bertin (the Sugar Landing), St. Pierre, Martinique.

Itinerant Pastry-seller. "tourjours Content, Toujours Joyeux."

In the Cimetère Du Mouillage, St. Pierre.

In the Jardin Des Plantes, St. Pierre.

Cascade in the Jardin Des Plantes.

Departure of Steamer for Fort-de-france.

Statue of Josephine.

Inner Basin, Bridgetown, Barbadoes.

Trafalgar Square, Bridgetown, Barbadoes.

Street in Georgetown, Demerara.

Avenue in Georgetown, Demerara.

Victoria Regia in the Canal at Georgetown

Demerara Coolie Girl.

St. James Avenue, Port-of-spain, Trinidad.

Coolies of Trinidad.

Coolie Servant.

Coolie Merchant.

Church Street, St. George, Grenada.

Castries, St. Lucia.

'ti Marie (on the Route from St. Pierre To Basse-pointe.)

Fort-de-france, Martinique-(formerly Fort Royal.)

A Creole Capre in Working Garb.

A Confirmation Procession.

Manner of Playing the Ka

A Wayside Shrine, Or Chapelle.

Rue Victor Hugo (formerly Grande Rue), St. Pierre

Quarter of the Fort, St. Pierre (overlooking The Rivière Roxelane).

Rivière Des Blanchisseuses.

Foot of Pelée, Behind the Quarter Of The Fort.

Village of Morne Rouge, Martinique

La Montagne Pelée, As Seen from Grande Anse.

Arborescent Ferns on a Mountain Road.

'ti Canot.

The Martinique Turban, Or Madras Calende.

The Guadeloupe Head-dress.

Young Mulattress.

Plantation Coolie Woman in Martinique Costume.

Coolie Half-breed

Country-girl-pure Negro Race.


Old Market-place of the Fort, St. Pierre.-(removed In 1888).

Bread-fruit Tree.

Basse-terre St. Kitts.

* * *


Souvenir de nos promenades,-de no

s voyages,-de nos causeries,-des sympathies échangées,-de tout le charme d'une amitié inaltérable et inoubliable,-de tout ce qui parle à l'ame au doux Pay des Revenants.

* * *


During a trip to the Lesser Antilles in the summer of 1887, the writer of the following pages, landing at Martinique, fell under the influence of that singular spell which the island has always exercised upon strangers, and by which it has earned its poetic name,-Le Pays des Revenants. Even as many another before him, he left its charmed shores only to know himself haunted by that irresistible regret,-unlike any other,-which is the enchantment of the land upon all who wander away from it. So he returned, intending to remain some months; but the bewitchment prevailed, and he remained two years.

Some of the literary results of that sojourn form the bulk of the present volume. Several, or portions of several, papers have been published in HARPER'S MAGAZINE; but the majority of the sketches now appear in print for the first time.

The introductory paper, entitled "A Midsummer Trip to the Tropics," consists for the most part of notes taken upon a voyage of nearly three thousand miles, accomplished in less than two months. During such hasty journeying it is scarcely possible for a writer to attempt anything more serious than a mere reflection of the personal experiences undergone; and, in spite of sundry justifiable departures from simple note-making, this paper is offered only as an effort to record the visual and emotional impressions of the moment.

My thanks are due to Mr. William Lawless, British Consul at St. Pierre, for several beautiful photographs, taken by himself, which have been used in the preparation of the illustrations.

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