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   Chapter 62 No.62

The Story of Ireland By Emily Lawless Characters: 1111

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Vere, Aubrey de, Mr., Legends of St. Patrick, 35

Vinegar Hill, 363

Volunteers, Irish, the, 334-340


Ware Papers, 163

Waterford, town of, 262;

defence of, 86;

Danes of, 85;

Richard II. lands at, 122

Wexford, town of, 83;

castle of, 87;

siege by Cromwell, 262

Whitby, Synod of, 46

Whiteboys, outrages of, 342-344

Wicklow, landing of St. Patrick in, 33

William of Orange in Ireland, 288;

he lands at Carrickfergus, 288;

meets James's army, is victorious at the battle of the Boyne, 289;

offers free pardo

n, 290;

besieges Limerick, 291;

his evidence about the treaty of Limerick, 296

Willoughby, Sir Francis, Governor of Dublin, 246

Winter, Admiral, 187

Wolfe, Tone, 354;

leader of United Irishmen, 354;

meets Lord Edward Fitzgerald in Paris, 355;

his scheme of descent, 355;

descent fails, 357;

a fresh attempt, 358;

again fails, 361;

is arrested on board the Hoche, 361;

condemned and dies in prison, 366

Wood, patentee of halfpence, 317


Yellow Ford, battle of the, 203

"Young Ireland," party of, 388, 390

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