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The Green Mouse By Robert W. Chambers Characters: 1285

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Folly and Wisdom, Heavenly twins,

Sons of the god Imagination,

Heirs of the Virtues--which were Sins

Till Transcendental Contemplation

Transmogrified their outer skins--

Friend, do you follow me? For I

Have lost myself, I don't know why.

Resuming, then, this erudite

And decorative Dedication,--

Accept it, John, with all your might

In Cinquecentic resignation.

You may not understand it, quite,

But if you've followed me all through,

You've done far more than I could do.


To the literary, literal, and scientific mind purposeless fiction is abhorrent. Fortunat

ely we all are literally and scientifically inclined; the doom of purposeless fiction is sounded; and it is a great comfort to believe that, in the near future, only literary and scientific works suitable for man, woman, child, and suffragette, are to adorn the lingerie-laden counters in our great department shops.

It is, then, with animation and confidence that the author politely offers to a regenerated nation this modern, moral, literary, and highly scientific work, thinly but ineffectually disguised as fiction, in deference to the prejudices of a few old-fashioned story-readers who still survive among us.

R. W. C.


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