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   Chapter 4 The Person of Jesus.

Quiet Talks about Jesus By S. D. Gordon Characters: 2674

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1. The Human Jesus.

God's meaning of "Human": man's fellow--two meanings of word human--original meaning--natural limitations.

The Hurt of sin: sin's added limitations.

Our Fellow: Jesus truly human--up to first standard--His insistence--perfect in His humanness--fellowship in sin's limitations--hungry, Matthew 16:5. John 4:6-8.--tired, John 4:6. Mark 4:38.--poverty, Matthew 13:55. Mark 6:3.--hard toil, John 19:25-27.--homeless, Luke 4:16-30. Matthew 8:20. Luke 9:58.--discipline of waiting.

There's More of God since Jesus Went Back: the Nazareth home--fellowship with His brothers--"In the shop of Nazareth"--a Man on the throne.

2. The Divine Jesus.

Jehovah-Jesus: John 1:1-18. the intimacy of John, John 13:23. 19:26. 20:2. 21:7, 20. "with Jesus," John 18:15.--John writes of Jesus--- when he wrote--getting the range--his literary style--the beginning--the Word--this was Jesus--the tragic tone.

God's Spokesman: the Creator was Jehovah--- Jehovah is Jesus--the Spokesman--Old Testament revelations, Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the elders of Israel, Isaiah, Ezekiel,--Whom these saw--various ways of speaking--John's Gospel a battlefield--finding the Man. Whom Moses Saw: Jesus' own standpoint--"down from heaven," John 3:13, 31. 6:38. 8:42. would go back again, John 6:62. John 16:5, 1

0. 13:1. come on an errand, then going back, John 16:28 13:3. He only had seen the Father, John 6:46. only begotten Son, John 3:16, 18. His own Father, John 5:17, 18. 10:32-33. 19:7.--Jesus' answer to Jews' objection, John 5:19-47.--"He wrote of Me," the true meaning--I and the Father one, John 10:30.--the Father in Me, John 10:38. the name Father in Old Testament, 2 Samuel 7:14. 1 Chronicles 17:13. 22:10. Psalm 68:5. 89:26. 103:13. Isaiah 63:16. 64:8. Jeremiah 3:4, 19. Malachi 3:17.--Jehovah the common name--trace Jesus' use of Father about 180 times--manna, John 6:32.

Jesus is God Wooing Man: "Abraham--saw and was glad," John 8:33-59--supposed meanings--natural meaning--"I am"--Jesus is Jehovah come Himself to woo man.

3. The Winsome Jesus.

The Face of Jesus: Jesus drew crowds, men, women, children, bad people, enemies--His personality--face--impress of experiences--the glory of God in that face, 2 Corinthians 4:6. Hebrews 1:3.

The Music of God in the Voice of Jesus: the eye--Jesus' eyes, Luke 4:16-30. John 8:59. 10:31. 7:32, 45, 46. 18:6. Mark 10:32. 9:36. 10:13-16. Luke 19:48.--His voice, Matthew 26:30. personal touch, Matthew 8:3, 15. 9:29. 17:7. 20:34. Mark 1:41. 7:33. Luke 5:13. 22:51. (John 14:16-20). His presence irresistible. Moses' request, Exodus 33:18. Jesus draws men--yielding to His power.

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