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   Chapter 3 The Purpose of Jesus.

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1. The Purpose in the Coming of Jesus.

God Spelling Himself out in Jesus: change in the original language--bother in spelling Jesus out--sticklers for the old forms--Jesus' new spelling of old words.

Jesus is God following us up: God heart-broken--man's native air--bad choice affected man's will--the wrong lane--God following us up.

The Early Eden Picture, Genesis 1:26-31. 2:7-25: unfallen man--like God--the breath of God in man--a spirit, infinite, eternal--love--holy--wise--sovereign over creation, Psalm 8:5-8--in his own will--summary--God's thought for man.

Man's Bad Break, Genesis 3. the climax of opportunity--the tree of choice--the temptation--blended lies--the tempter's strategy--the choice made--the immediate result--safety in shame--the danger of staying in Eden--guarding man's home--the return, Rev. 2:7. 22:14, 2. John 10:10.

Outside the Eden Gate: a costly meal--result in the man himself--ears and eyes affected--looking without seeing--a personal test--Isaiah's famous passage, Isaiah 6:9-10, see Isaiah 42:18, 20, 23. 43:8. 29:10. Jeremiah 5:21. 6:10. 7:26. Ezekiel 12:2. Psalm 69:23. Micah 3:6. Acts 7:51.--Jesus' use of parables--Jesus' irony--Matthew 13:10-15. Mark 4:10-12. Luke 8:9-10. See John 12:40. Acts 28:26, 27. Romans 11:8. John 9:39-41--tongue affected--the tongue man's index--effect of seeing God--whole mental process affected--sense of dread--- Paul's seven steps down in mental process, Ephesians 4:17-19--Jesus the music of God, the face of God.

Sin's Brood: result in the growth of sin--three stages, flood, Moses, Paul--Paul's Summary, Romans I:18-32, see Matthew 15:19. Galatians 5:19-21. 2 Timothy 3:2-5.--Paul's Outlook--a summary of to-day--the conventional cloak--four great paragraphs--man still a king, Genesis 9:6. 1 Corinthians 11:7. James 3:9.--a composite picture--analysis of sin--the root of sin.

God's Treatment of Sin: "gave them up," Romans 1:24, 26, 28. see Job 8:4. 1 Kings 14:16. Psalms 81:12. Acts 7:42, Romans 9:22 (endured).--the worst thing and the best--sin's gait--Jesus is God letting sin do its worst upon Himself.

A Bright Gleam of Light: the non-Christian world--God has no favorites--all know God directly, Romans 1:20, 32. John 1:9--believing on Jesus--the outside majority--Peter's statement, Acts 10:34, 35.--Paul's statement, Romans 2:7.--persistent climbers--trusting the unknown Jesus--the Master's command--to help our brothers--Jesus is God sacrificing His best.

The Broken Tryst, Genesis 3:8-9: God keeping tryst--man not there--God's search--a lonely God--still calling--Jesus is God calling man back to the broken tryst.

God's Wooing: direct revelation to all--the inner light, John 1:9. Acts 17:26-28. Job 12:10. Psalms 139:1-16.--through nature, Psalms 19:1-6.--in the daily weave of life, Acts 17:28.--"The Lord's at the loom"--a special revelation, Romans 3:2. Deuteronomy 4:8.--in Jesus, Heb. 1:1-3.--the Book--the mission of the Book, John 20:31.--summary--chiefly Jesus.

2. The Plan for the Coming of Jesus.

God's Darling, Psalms 8:5-8.--the plan for the new man--the Hebrew picture by itself--difference between God's plan and actual events--one purpose through breaking plans--the original plan--a starting point--getting inside.

Fastening a Tether inside: the longest way around--the pedigree--the start.

First Touches on the Canvas: the first touch, Genesis 3:15.--three groups of prediction--first group: to Abraham, Genesis 12:1-3; to Isaac, Genesis 26:1-5; to Jacob, Genesis 28:10-15; through Jacob, Genesis 49:9-11. through Balaam, Numbers 24:17-19; through Moses, Deuteronomy 18:15-19, see Matthew 21:11. John 1:21. 6:14. Acts 3:22. 7:37.--second group: David, 2 Samuel 7:16, 18, 19. 23:3-5. Psalms 2nd, 110th. Solomon in 72nd Psalm. Forty-fifth Psalm.

A Full Length Picture in Colors: third group in prophetic books--one continuous subject--"day of the Lord," 134 times,--Somebody coming--His Person; divine, Isaiah 7:14. 9:6. 33:22. Micah 4:7. 5:2. Haggai 2:9. human, Isaiah 32:2. Daniel 7:13. manner of birth, Isaiah 7:14. of native stock, Isaiah 9:6. Ezekiel 29:21. of David's line, Isaiah 9:7. 11:1. 16:5. Jeremiah 23:5. 33:15, 17, 21, 26. Amos 9:11. Zechariah 3:8. 6:12. a branch of Jehovah, Isaiah 4:2. a King, Isaiah 9:6. 32:1. 33:17. Jeremiah 23:5. Zechariah 6:13. 9:9. called David, Jeremiah 30:9. Ezekiel 37:24, 25. Hosea 3:5. a priest-king, Zechariah 6:13. a preacher, Isaiah 61:1-3. a teacher, Isaiah 9:6 (counsellor).--the kingdom, Daniel 2:34,44. Obadiah:21 (Jehovah's).--the capital, Isaiah 2:3. 4:5. 33:20,21. 59:20. 65:18, 19. Joel 3:16, 17, 20, 21. Micah 4:7, 8.--the presence of God, Ezekiel 37:27. Joel 3:21. Zechariah 2:10, 11. Zephaniah 3:17.--visibly present, Isaiah 4:5, 6.--characteristics, vengeance, Isaiah 61:2. 63:1-6. Zephaniah 3:19.--great victory, Zechariah 9:9.--- but without force, Isaiah 11:4. Zechariah 9:10.--peace, Isaiah 2:4. 9:6, 7.--established in loving kindness, Isaiah 16:5.--justice and right, Isaiah 9:7. 16:5. 32:1. Jeremiah 23:5. 33:15.--the poor and meek, Isaiah 11:4, 5.--broken-hearted, poor and imprisoned, Isaiah 61:1-3.--protection from all ills, Isaiah 32:2.--impartiality in judging even the most weak and obnoxious, Isaiah 42:3, 4.--gradual increase, Isaiah 9:7. 42:4. a great crisis, Zephaniah 4:1. Habakkuk 3:1-15. with unexpected suddenness, Malachi 3:1--effect upon Israel nationally; Spirit-baptized, Isaiah 44:2. Ezekiel 37:9-14. 39:29.--never withdrawn, Isaiah 59:21.--judgments removed, Zephaniah 3:14, 15.--impurity cleansed, Isaiah 4:4. Malachi 3:2, 3.--possession of land, Zephaniah 2:7.--capital holy, Joel 3:17.--weakness gone, Micah 4:6, 7. freedom from enemies, Isaiah 33:18, 19.--Jeremiah 30:8-10. Joel 3:17. Zechariah 14:11. Micah 5:6.--at peace, Isaiah 33:20. Micah 5:5.--leadership, Isaiah 2:2. Micah 4:1, 3. 5:8.--spiritual leadership, Joel 2:28, 29.--supremacy, etc., Isaiah 60:1-22. 11:10. 2:2. Micah 4:1, 3. 5:8. Zechariah 2:10.--Jerusalem center, Isaiah 60:10-14. Zechariah 14:16. effect upon Israel personally; made over new, Ezekiel 11:17-20. 36:25-27. Jeremiah 31:31-34. Isaiah 4:3.--devotion and open-mindedness, Isaiah 32:3-4. 44:5.--sickness absent, Isaiah 33:24.--longer lives, Isaiah 65:20.--increase in numbers, Jeremiah 33:22. Ezekiel 37:26. Isaiah 44:4.--no disappointed plans, Isaiah 65:21-23. Amos 9:14.--fear gone, Micah 4:4.--thrilled hearts, Isaiah 60:5. effect upon other nations; to come back to God, Micah 5:3 (see John 10:16).--Spirit upon all, Joel 2:28.--voluntary coming to Israel for instruction, Isaiah 2:3. Micah 4:2.--earth filled with knowledge, Isaiah 11:9.--her influence as the dew, Micah 5:7.--the only medium, Isaiah 60:12. wondrous blessings shared with all, Isaiah 42:1, 6, 7. 49:6. 51:4. 61:1.--universal peace, Micah 4:3-4. Zechariah 9:10. changes in nature; at Jerusalem, Isaiah 33:21. Joel 3:18 l.c. Zechariah 14:8. Ezekiel 47:1-5. Zechariah 14:4.--increased light, Isaiah 30:26.--overshadowed by presence of God, Isaiah 60:19 (Presence cloud, Exodus; as sun, Matthew 17:2 with parallels; above sun Acts 26:13).--renewed fertility, Ezekiel 36:29, 30. Hosea 2:21. Joel 3:18. Amos 9:13. Zechariah 14:10. Isaiah 4:2.--removal of curse upon earth, Zechariah 14:11. Isaiah 65:17.--the animal creation, Isaiah 11:6-9. 65:25. Hosea 2:18 (see Rom

ans 8:20-22).--without limit, Isaiah 2:2. 9:7. Daniel 2:44. 7:14. Micah 4:1. 5:4. Zephaniah 3:20. Zechariah 9:10. Joel 3:20.--a return to original conditions--characteristics of the coming One--mental equipment, Isaiah 11:2. 42:1. 61:1.--personal beauty and dignity, Isaiah 4:2. 33:17. Daniel 7:14. Micah 5:14.--unpretentious, Zechariah 9:9.--direct touch with God, Isaiah 49:1-3. 50:4.--backed by power of God, etc., Isaiah 42:1, 6. 49:3. 52:13. 53:11. 59:20. Zechariah 3:8. Malachi 3:1.--the poor cared for righteously, Isaiah 11:3-5.--divine insight, Isaiah 11:3.

Back to Eden: a wild dream--the Hebrew Book's conception--Simeon and Anna, Luke 2:25-38.

Strange Dark Shadowings: weird forebodings--acted out, Joseph and David--Psalms 22. 69:20, 21. Isaiah 50:6, 7. 52:13-53:12. Daniel 9:24-26. Zechariah 11:4-14. 12:10. 13:7. a valley-road to the throne.

3. The Tragic Break in the Plan.

The Jerusalem Climate: the contrasting receptions, Luke 2. the music of heaven, Job 38:6, 7. Luke 2:13, 14. pick out the choruses of Revelation, the crowning book.--the after-captivity leaders, see Ezra and Nehemiah--ideals and ideas--present leaders--Herod--the high priest--the faithful few, Luke 2:25, 38. 23:51.

The Bethlehem Fog: Matthew 1 and 2. Luke 2. a foggy shadow--suspicion of Mary--a stable cradle--murder of babes--star-students--senate meeting--a troubled city-flight--Galilee.

The Man Sent Ahead: the growing boy--John's relation to Jesus--trace passages in gospels referring to John.

The Contemptuous Rejection: accepted by individuals, rejected by nation--John's drawing power--a dramatic presentation. John 1:19-34.--ominous silence--five satisfied seekers, John 1:35-51.--cleansing of temple, John 2:13-22.--first public work, John 2:23-25.--Nicodemus, John 3:1-21.--helping John, John 3:22, 23. 4:1 with Matthew 3:5-7. Luke 3:7-14. the dispute about the two men, John 3:25-30 (note American Revision)--John's arrest--effect upon Jesus, Matthew 4:12-25.--"withdrew."

The Aggressive Rejection: the second stage--Nazareth, Luke 4:16-30.--seven incidents, i.e. (i) healing at pool of Bethesda, John 5:1-47. (2) forgiving and healing palsied man, Matthew 9:2-8 with parallels. (3) criticizing Jesus' personal conduct, Matthew 9:10-17 with parallels. (4) grain fields on the Sabbath, Matthew 12:1-8 with parallels. (5) healing whithered hand, Matthew 12:9-14 with parallels.--second "withdrew," Mark 3:7-12 with parallels. (6) charge of having an unclean spirit, Mark 3:20-30 with parallels. (7) interruption by his mother, Matthew 12:46-50 with parallels.--the murder of John, Matthew 14:1-12 with parallels.--third "withdrew," Matthew 14:13 with parallels.--staying in Galilee during fourth Passover, John 6:4, 5.

The Murderous Rejection: a fugitive from Judea, John 7:1.--fresh attack by southern leaders, Matthew 15:1-20 with parallel in Mark.--fourth "withdrew"--outside national lines, Matthew, 15:21 with parallel in Mark.--return to Sea of Galilee and request for sign, Matthew 15:29-16:4 with parallel in Mark.--Feast of Tabernacles, John 7: 2-8:59.--the blind man cured, John 9:1-40.--Transfiguration, Matthew 17:1-8 with parallels.--the beginning of the last journey, Luke 9:51. Mark 10:1, 32. Matthew 19:1.--the Seventy, Luke 10:1-17.--getting nearer to Jerusalem, divorce question, Mark 10:2-12. Matthew 19:3-12.--Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37. Beelzebub, "vehemently," Luke 11. fresh tilt over Sabbath question, Luke 13:10-17.--cunning attempt to get Him into Judea, Luke 13:31.--Feast of Dedication, John 10:22-40.--Lazarus, John 11:1-46. formal decision against Him, John 11:47-53. a fugitive, John 11:57. no more openly, John 11:54. crowding pilgrims, John 11:55, 56. Lazarus again, John 12:9-11. the last week; triumphal entry, Matthew 21:1-17 with parallels, daily visits and return to Olivet, Luke 21:37-38; cleansing temple, Matthew 21:12-17 with parallels; duel of questionings, Matthew 22. Mark 11:27-12:34. Luke 20:1-44; His terrific arraignment, Matthew 23:1-39 with parallels; Greeks, John 12:20-36. Bethany feast, Matthew 26:6-13 with parallels, Judas, Matthew 26:14-16 with parallels; with the inner circle, Matthew 26:17-46 with parallels.

Suffering the Birih-pains of a New Life: why did Jesus die?--God's plan of atonement, Leviticus 1:3-9--Paul's statement in effect, Galatians 2:20.--Jesus' dying does not fit into Hebrew ritual--standpoint of Hebrews--what God counselled, Acts 2:23.--this affects only the form not the virtue of Jesus' death--preaching of Acts, 2:14-36, 38, 39. 3:12-26. 4:8-12. 5:29-32, and on, first church council, Acts 15.13-18 with Amos 9:11-12.--the superlative of hate--Jesus' death voluntary, John 10:17, 18--ten attempts before the cross; three to kill at once, Luke 4:30. John 8:59. 10:31. other attempts, Matthew 12:14. John 5:18. 7:1, 30, 32. 10:39. 11:53 Jesus' own explanation:--the temple, John 2:19. lifted up, 3:15. Matthew 9:15 with parallels. His flesh, John 6:53-57. with Jesus' own interpretation, good Shepherd, John 10:11; for the sheep, 10:15; other sheep, 10:16; take it again, 10:17; of Myself, 10:18. cross, Matthew 10:38 with parallels. Jonah, Matthew 12:39, 40. 16:4 with parallel in Luke. Greeks, John 12:24-33. the Father's command, John 14:31. for friends, John 15:13. sanctified, John 17:19. the Father's cup, John 18:11. John's comment, John 12:47-52.--the necessity for dying--a step in a wider plan--for the nation--wholly voluntary--six elements in a perfect sacrifice--Jesus alone is a perfect sacrifice--Paul's comment, Romans 3:26.--God's master-stroke--faith--Hebrew heathen and Christian grouped.

4. Some Surprising Results of the Break.

The Surprised Jew: a clash of wills--thousands of believing Jews--the church displacing kingdom--two-fold division of men formerly--now three-fold--church different in organization from kingdom--the Baptist puzzled--Jesus did not fill out Hebrew prophecy--two characteristics, personal and official--personal details fulfilled--official not because of rejection--out of situation grew four gospels--Mark--Matthew's the gap gospel--Paul's audiences--Luke's gospel--these three tell of rejection mainly--John's gospel--the order of the gospels in canon.

The Surprised Church: God holds to His plan--mixed ideas of kingdom and church--a handy principle of interpretation--one law consistently applied--the church to fulfil its mission and go--the kingdom simply retarded, yet to come--the plan enriched--sliding scale of fulfilment--the King must come--- even this in Hebrew picture, Zechariah 12:10. New Testament teaching. Peter, Acts 3:21.--keeping truth in proportion--the gospel of the kingdom--Paul, 1 Thessalonians 1.10. 2:19. 3:13. 4:13-18. 5:10-23. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10. 2:1-9. 1 Corinthians 1:7, 8. 3:13. 5:5. 15:23, 25, 51, 52. 16:22. 2 Corinthians 1:14. 5:2-4. Romans 8:18, 19, 23. 11:12-29. 13:11, 12. 16:20. Colossians 3:4. Ephesians 1:10, 14, 18. 4:4, 30. 5:27. Philippians 1:6, 10. 2:16. 3:20. 4:5. 1 Timothy 1:1 (note Paul's use of "hope" throughout). 6:14. Titus 2:13. 2 Timothy 1:12, 18. 2:12. 4:1, 8.--The Book of Revelation--the coming surprise. The Surprising Jew: greatest surprise--for all--the puzzle of history--divinely preserved--the keystone of the coming kingdom--Jesus the spirit magnet for Jew and all.

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