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417. It is very rarely that we find such sentences as,-

He as his apprentice, and accordingly expected the same service from me as he would from another.-Franklin.

This has the same effect in natural faults as maiming and mutilation produce from accidents.-Burke.

The regular construction.


The usual way is to use the relative as after same if no verb follows as; but, if same is followed by a complete clause, as is not used, but we find the relative who, which, or that. Remember this applies only to as when used as a relative.

Examples of the use of as in a contracted clause:-

Looking to the same end as Turner, and working in the same spirit, he, w

ith Turner, was a discoverer, etc.-R. W. Church.

They believe the same of all the works of art, as of knives, boats, looking-glasses.-Addison.

Examples of relatives following same in full clauses:-


This is the very same rogue who sold us the spectacles. -Goldsmith.

The same person who had clapped his thrilling hands at the first representation of the Tempest.-Macaulay.


I rubbed on some of the same ointment that was given me at my first arrival.-Swift.


For the same sound is in my ears

Which in those days I heard.


With the same minuteness which her predecessor had exhibited, she passed the lamp over her face and person.-Scott.

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