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   Chapter 12 Examples of these are, optics, economics, physics, mathematics, politics, and many branches of learning; also news, pains (care), molasses, summons, means as,—

An English Grammar By William Malone Baskervill Characters: 853

Updated: 2017-11-30 00:04

Politics, in its widest extent, is both the science and the art of government.-Century Dictionary.

So live, that when thy summons comes, etc.-Bryant.

It served simply as a means of sight.-Prof. Dana.

Means plural.

Two words, means and politics, may be plural in their construction with verbs and adjectives:-

Words, by strongly conveying the passions, by those means which we have already mentioned, fully compe

nsate for their weakness in other respects.-Burke.

With great dexterity these means were now applied.-Motley.

By these means, I say, riches will accumulate.-Goldsmith.

Politics plural.

Cultivating a feeling that politics are tiresome.-G. W. Curtis.

The politics in which he took the keenest interest were politics scarcely deserving of the name.-Macaulay.

Now I read all the politics that come out.-Goldsmith.

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