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   Chapter 4 Past

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"2013?!" We all exclaimed. All of us stare at each other, thinking about what happened or how did it happen? "Why are we in back in 2013?" Jade asks. It's weird seeing her without tattoos and piercings. "What should we do?!" Amethyst said, panicking, and starts to walk back and forth. "Let's all calm down and figure out what to do," I said. "What if we go back to the cave again?" Topaz said and looked at the cave, but to our shock, the cave is not there. "THE CAVE IS GONE!!" Amber yelled, "WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW? WHY DID THE CAVE DISAPPEAR?!" Opal said, panicking. "Okay, wait," Sapphire said. "So if we were back in 2013, that means we are in Korea now, right?" That's right! All of us moved to the United States after we graduate high school. Our parents know each other, and they become best friends. Crazy right? "DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS," A deep voice in my mind said. I looked at my friends; we all have the same reaction. Maybe we all heard the same thing. "DID YOU GUYS HEAR THAT?" Amethyst said, "I did! It's so deep and scary," said Opal. "Did he said that? Don't tell it to anybody?" Jade asks. We all nod in response. Crazy; who would have thought that we are going to experience this! I want to go home and come back to my adult self. Meaning I can't go into a bar, I can't drink alcohol, and the worst part is I need to go back to school again! We all stare at each other for 10mins when I decided to break the silence. "I think we need to go back home for now. We will not find the answers right now." We all stand up and again stare at each other because it's weird seeing our younger selves. We start walking and saw our bags on the sand. Thank God our bags are here. If not, we cannot go home. As we are walking towards the train, all of us are silent. Absorbing what happened today. "Do you guys have money?" I asked them. I checked my wallet and saw my Korean won's that I've been saving if we go back to Korea. Thank God I saved them. "I have some money here," Opal said while checking her wallet. "Hey! Do you guys think we can use our credit cards here?" Amethyst asks, "I'm not sure. We are in the year 2013. Maybe not," Topaz said. "We can try tomorrow? L

et's go home. I'm super tired," Sapphire said while rubbing her eyes. We all boarded the train and went home. After a few hours of traveling, we are finally back home; I saw my mom. She looks so pretty when she was young. I hugged her from behind. It's still weird seeing her this young. Many things change in the past eight years. "Hi, mom!" I said happily. "I miss you," I said and hugged her tight. "Hey, Alex! What do you mean you miss me? We just saw each other a few hours ago." She laughed and faced me. "So? How was the beach?" Mom asks, which shocked me because I know I didn't tell her we are going to the beach. "How did you know that, mom? I never said about me going to the beach?" I ask and let her go. "What do you mean you didn't say anything? You told me this morning that you and your friends are going to the beach to unwind because you've been under a lot of stress lately, and so are your friends," Mom said, "I did?" Still shocked at what's happening. "Yeah. Are you okay? Do you feel sick?" Mom asks and puts her hands on my forehead. "Oh right! Sorry, mom. It must slip off on my mind. Anyway, I need to take a shower and rest. Goodnight mom! Oh, and by the way, don't put the face cream you bought at the department store. If you don't want to have acne," I said and winked; she looks at me puzzled, and I just smiled.I remember one time when mom bought a face cream she saw at the department store. She said she wants to try it. It didn't end well. The next day her face is full of acne, and she was so mad about the product that she threw it away, and it broke. I was laughing my ass out because of it. I went to my old room and saw many of my and my friends' pictures. I saw my old bag and books. As I walk into my room, one photo in a picture frame catches my eye. I lift it and saw a face that I never want to see ever because all of the memories are coming back. The pain that he gave me. I remove the picture from the frame and throw it away at the garbage can. I pick up my towel and go straight into the bathroom. After taking a bath, I dried my hair and climbed up to bed. I stare at the ceiling, thinking about this crazy day. I slowly drift into sleep.

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