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   Chapter 4 Marry Me, Miss Agnes!

One Sexy Gamble By Aysel Inara Characters: 6138

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Carla became confused at once upon his sudden change of behaviour, she had no clue why Ezekiel suddenly threw her out of the room just like that. Well of course he didn't actually allow her inside the room.

The lady clenched her fists as soon as the door was slammed in her face. Her makeup caked face might have felt uncomfortable with the fliching and angry wrinkles. Carla wanted to figure out the issue, how could she let the man whom she had chased for so long.

The lady went back for the moment while she rattled out the phone from the pocket of her nightgown and called Ezekiel's father. She knew that the reins of Ezekiel were in his father's hands and she could easily have him back in her hands once again.

Although Carla herself was aware that Ezekiel didn't want to marry her. But her consistent nagging and approaching his father changed his mind. What she didn't know was Ezekiel's other side, the man was not an easy target to manipulate. 

He also had prepared something as a gift for the woman, Ezekiel was prepared to teach her a lesson without her knowing. No doubt Carla was a strong woman but she would have never seen the trouble incoming. 

Carla belonged to the influential family of Italy that she planned all of her weddings by herself. From arrangements to the dresses and sending out invites all was planned by Carla herself. 

Her parents and no say in the matter since after her father passed on the business and wealth to her, Carla proved to be a soaring dragon in the business world. Thus they could not pressurize her to stay away from Ezekiel. 

Carla initially thought, well to this day she was delusional about Ezekiel's behaviour that he was easily manipulated by her measly tricks and gave in to marry her. Where in fact Ezekiel Maccabi agreed to the deal because his father wanted him to bring in a woman now. 

He was already about to hit thirty years old and never dated anyone when his family heard about Carla, they all immediately gave in and presented themselves in need as if that was the situational demand.

Ezekiel was trapped by the situation and had to give in to their demands. Initially he thought that there was no harm in marrying her since the woman was in love with him to the obsessive level. 

But the series of events proved to Ezekiel that she was more than psychic, and he began to find a way out of the mess created by Carla. And on the most unfortunate yet fateful day Ezekiel encountered Agnes, the day of his bachelor's night!

Agnes didn't try to seduce him nor did she attempt anything tempting to lure Ezekiel, which made him realize that She was telling him the truth. The very next day seeing Agnes blank and terrified for having a man around her made him curious and interested in her. 

It was evident to him that Agnes had no idea about his identity or she would have recognized the frequently appearing name on the famous magazines. Moreover the great Ezekiel Maccabi had been reigning the headlines ever since he sold his start up business for 50 million


The man was known for his exceptional character and brain cells, that's why many influential families wanted their daughters and sisters to get married to Ezekiel. 

The man had a good reputation and success, moreover the sources Ezekiel had were enough to deal with Carla if she made any kind of mess. But his hands were tied because Ezekiel was unable to find any woman to introduce to his family.

He didn't want to deceive his family or to fall for the wrong woman which made him immune to love or any kind of infatuation with women in general. Now that Agnes had successfully snagged his attention with her innocent behaviour and truthfulness Ezekiel knew that he had found his 'first love' and perhaps bride-to-be. 

Agnes shook him back and wiped off her tears herself, she seemed annoyed at him for some reason. 

"What are you doing? Don't you think you are crossing your line, sir!?"

She shouted at him sarcastically, Ezekiel was aware that she didn't hear his conversation with Carla about calling off the marriage. 

"You are getting married to my friend today and you are messing with me here."

She stepped back and sniffed while her glaring eyes caused some uncomfortable sensation within Ezekiel. He found himself drawn to her as well as worried about making her angry. 

The man knew imminently that he was doomed and the woman in front of him was now the master and conqueror of his heart! 

"I'm sorry, but to disappoint you I'm not getting married to your friend anymore. She might have already left the hotel and went back home."

Ezekiel narrated her to news which made Agnes guilty even more, her expressions which reeked sadness and innocence made Ezekiel aware of what might be the cause.

"Hey, don't you think you should be happy that you just saved a life by barging here? Your friend was literally treating me as her servant and a favourite toy to play with his heart!?" 

Agnes deep down knew that Carla was emotional and a hotheaded woman but she never expected her to cross her limits.

"And now that I'm not getting married, may I ask what's your name?"

Ezekiel grabbed her hand and took the lady towards the bed, while he knelt on the floor stark naked. Agnes told her name and Ezekiel recognized her immediately, she was the daughter of his father's friend who had just arrived from abroad.

A smirk appeared on his face and Ezekiel took her both hands and squeezed them gently, while the lady wrapped in duvet sheets looked up at him. Agnes didn't expect Ezekiel to utter those words which blew her mind like a fuse box blackout.

"Miss Agnes Silas, will you marry me?"

Ezekiel was confident in his naked proposal and expected the lady sitting in front of him to accept his bold love confession! 


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So if you question anything in the comments section make sure to read its reply. 

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