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   Chapter 5 Treasure hunt

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"Ok Host." "Congratulations on using proficiency card*2." "Congratulations your space proficiency has increased to 11%." "System how many times can I use teleport?" "8 Times." After hearing the system's reply Ye cang was relieved for the mission. After checking all the things he started to walk down to the mountain. Even though he knew this trip would be dangerous Ye cang was quite excited for this trip not for any reason but because he was bored since coming to this world except that one time he has never explored the area around here. When he was at the foot of the mountainhe looked around and said," System turn on the Treasure map." After that, a virtual map appeared in his mind the map shows the terrain of about 1 km around him. He has to explore around 10 km...It should be possible to explore within 3 days right? Ye cang removed all the messy thoughts in his mind and started looking around trying to find any traces of fierce beast. Ye cang was relieved to see that there was no trace of the beast around the mountain. According to the survival skill book in general beast never leave their territory. So the area around the mountain is safe. According to the Treasure map, there is an A-level treasure 1 km to the northwest. Ye cang chooses this as his first not because he was swelled but because he is quite confident in his escape ability. He started running according to the direction provided by my map. I have to say the map saved him a lot of trouble along the way. If he was to go to that place without a Treasure map provided by the system it would take at least 3 hours because there were many beasts along the way, if not for the map he would have to fight all of them. With the help of the map, Ye cang reached the location within 30 mins. After arriving, he did not rush to take the treasure but made a collection of grass stems leaves around him and made auspicious cloths.....At night, I saw a large ball of grass covered with leaves dangling in the forest... "Hey, with this auspicious suit, I won't be afraid of being caught by those dinosaurs." Ye cang was secretly proud of his idea. It was the first timeYe cang was roaming outside at night. otherwise, at this time he usually was holed up in the house on the mountain. not daring to come out. So Ye cang thought of enjoying the night sky today. When he raised his head he was stunned because the sky was still the same, but there were two moons in the sky! "Very well, this world is not under the control of Grandpa Newton, so it's normal to pop out an extra moon!" Ye cang was very surprised, but he was now quite resistant to these unusual scenes there are t-rex Tyrannosaurus and an extra moon. No even if he saw a UFO here he would not be surprised. Only when there was a slight wind and grass nearby. He was alert, He immediately fell on the ground, disguised as a cluster of grass. This forest is full of vegetation, as long he does not shout, as Ye cang is lying on the ground, there is no flaw in it. "Ho Ho Ho Ho!"(Boar) "Gluck!"(Hyenas) "Woo~~Woo~~Woo!"(Wolves) The mountains and forests at night are more lively than during the day because large predators are only active during the day, so night becomes the best time for small animals to go out for food. At this time, the moon was in the middle of the sky, and a few "dark clouds" flo

ated from nowhere in the night sky. Ye cang didn't care at first, but as the 'dark clouds' drifted closer and closer, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with the dark clouds. Curiosity drove him to climb a tree canopy to visit the dark clouds floating in the night sky, but when he saw the true colours of these dark clouds, he almost didn't get scared to fall from the tree. Because those dark clouds are all floating boats! !! "It is good that Uncle Newton does not know this otherwise he will climb out of his coffin." Ye cang thought to himself but the scene just now keeps repeating in his mind. Now he was sure that he was not in his original world. He calmed himself because this is not the place to think all these things. Now he started to move toward the direction of treasure. when he was near the location he saw a tree with three fruits hanging on it. He knew what the fruit was it a type of fruit that improves physique It is a very valuable herb if it can be made into a pill it will be more precious. After seeing the treasure he did not rush to pick it but calmly waited because this type of herb has a beast guarding it. Suddenly there was a warning sign in my heart as if there was danger imminent! Ye cang instinctively raised his head and looked around, and suddenly felt a thick object hitting his back, and immediately felt that his stomach was tightened like a belt! Ye cang looked back and saw that it was a black python entangled him. He was shocked and rolled all over the floor with fright, but the python tightened tighter and wrapped around his neck. But fortunately, he was still wearing a layer of auspicious clothes, so that the python could not entangle his limbs for a while. But Ye cang also felt choked, desperately trying to escape from the python. Suddenly it came to his mind that he still has space attribute. so he used to teleport to escape from the python. After escaping he teleported near python and started punching like a madman "To die! To die! To die!" If it were an ordinary person he would be now cold but Ye cang is not an ordinary person but a Cultivator of the Qi condensation realm With the crazy output he killed the snake in a minute. In today's battle, Ye cang came to realize his shortcoming. first, he did not have any combat experience second he does not have any weapon third he lacks firepower. He has mobility with the help of space attributes but he does not have the firepower that can spike the opponent. Ye cang stopped thinking about this and walked toward the tree to collect the spirit fruit. The fruit is of the size of fist and pink in colour it looks like a peach. Ye cang stored it in system warehouse. Later when he will acquire Alchemy knowledge he will make a pill out of it. It is a waste of natural resources to eat it raw. Ye cang looked at the dead body of the python thought for a while and stored in system space he was thinking.....try to kill me? look how I will eat you after your death...I have a cooking book after completing the task at home I will try cooking. The battle here was quite loud so Ye cang started to run toward the next location which is 2 km to the east the treasure there is of B level. He looked at the sky it will be dawn in 3 hours he should hurry up to the next location before dawn. He then increased his speed.

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