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   Chapter 3 Badass system

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It is detected that host is insulting the system since its first-time host is pardoned but if it happens again system will deduct host sexual value according to its mood or increase the difficulty of the task given."

Ye Cang shuddered to hear the first part of the punishment. Although he would rather die than admit defeat his sexual happiness is most important.

"Syste..No I mean Dad I know I was wrong I will not do it again"

"Sorry system doest does not have such a stupid son like host...forgive me host Wish system has a restriction that it cannot lie to host for better development of host"


Damn...Although System is still apologizing why do I have an urge want to smack it. Wait for me every dog has its day

"It is detected that the host considers himself as a dog...The system is gratified seeing Host progress and had decided to award the host with a proficiency card"

"Congratulations host for getting proficiency card*1"

OK, System you are great I admit defeat. Shedding two tears of humiliation Ye Cang thought in his mind.

After calming himself down Ye Cang realized a problem how the heck this dog system know what he was thinking previously he was too excited that he did not realize this problem.

"All the thoughts that have anything to do System or any thought that insult the system will be known to the system automatically this function is to to help host for better communication...And the system has obligated to tell the host you are the dog, not the system."

"I heard it right that function is to scold me right?... You said it yourself right?.... I know now you just want to scold me right?."

"No Dear host you heard it wrong You should know that system has a function that prevents it from lying to host although the host is stupid..dumbass has IQ lower than a pig this function is still used for the improvement of the host "

"I'll skip all the scolding as I know you are Badass...I just want to ask you in what way this function helps me?"

"Host is it necessary to ask this question? Do you really want to know the truth?"

"Why are you hesitating if this function is for my benefit tell me what is the benefit of this function?"

"Since the host want to know the system is obligated to answer your inquiry so the system asks for last time do you really want to know?"


"Host has low self-esteem, even so, do you stillwant to know?"


"Host IQ is lower than the pigs such that you will not understand th

e deep meaning for this function, even so, do you still want to know the truth?"

"Yes," Ye cang replied his body was trembling not knowing whether he was angry or just want to cry.

"Host even cry faster than a baby....."

"Shut up tell me or I'll just commit suicide." Ye cang can take all the insult but he will never admit that he is such a person.

"Oye Oye Oye.....Calm down host ..calm down .....System asked this question for your own good...Since the host wants to know it so badly system will tell you that this function will give more inspiration if you want to scold someone in the future."

Ye Cang's mind went blank he was stupid after hearing the reason there was only one thought in his mind.

For such a stupid reason... I have to hear all the scolding endure all the Ye cang felt deep malice from this system. he started questioning himself...Who am I?.... Why did I ask such a stupid question?.... Is there any meaning in this life of mine?.. Now Ye cang felt that his Future was dark he has to spend his whole life with this he even had an urge to commit suicide.

No, I can't take this humiliation...he should at least get some benefit from this system.

"Ohhh...I am soo sad...this system bullies me.... heart is cold because of humiliates me so much that I have no desire to live....oh heaven...Goodbye, world oh sorry I was not able to explore you and penetrate you till the end .....oh if was want to blame someone blame this system."

Thinking of this Ye cang shed two lines to tears with much difficulty and started running toward the forest.

Seeing that there was no response from the system Ye cang started to talk to himself.

"Ohh I hope there are some t-rex out there so that they can trample me to death and I can have painless death"

Only after hearing what Ye cang said the system was unable to sit still.

"It is detected that host is heartbroken and after investigation, it was system's fault for not taking care of host's feeling so to compensate host's phycological loss System has issued Compensation package."

After hearing what the system said all the tears and sadness were swept away.

Ye cang said, "Dear system your apology has warmed my Cold heart....even though there is no need for compensation between us...I know you will be heartbroken if I will not accept it...So I will reluctantly accept this gift by taking into consideration the feeling between us"


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