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   Chapter 5 Congratulations

Blame it on dance By Authoress Harry Characters: 4280

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yelled out as my seed erupted time and time again until finally I collapsed beside Aunt Jane. I looked across at the amazing woman laying beside me. She had the sparkle back in her eyes and a sly little grin. But as I watched a saw her change. “Oh my god, oh my god” she exclaimed “what have I done? Get Out! Please get out Tony” she ordered as she jumped up pulling her clothes tightly to her. I started to protest “Please Tony, please just go. We have done the unthinkable.” she said as tears were streaming down her face. As I gathered my clothes and got dressed I looked at Aunt Jane. I knew I could not console her. I knew I could not do anything. I walked over to her and gently kissed the top of her head. “I love you Jane” I said, then turned and walked out the door.Three months have passed since I had made love to Aunt Jane on the carpet of her lounge room. It wasn’t just a sexual act between us but something so much more. I have never felt such intense and uncontrollable emotion as I did that afternoon. Unfortunately it ended in a disaster when Aunt Jane, or AJ as I call her, ordered me to leave. I tried numerous times to contact her, but she never answered the telephone and eventually I ran out of excuses to tell Uncle Barry, so I just stopped trying. My life s—-d now. I wanted to see AJ again so badly and couldn’t bear the thought of her not wanting to see me. I became moody and depressed. My girlfriend Sharon couldn’t stand being around me any longer and has moved out. I think that was inevitable anyway but my demeanor just helped the process along a bit. Luckily my work wasn’t affected because I tended to throw myself into it just to find some solace. I could see mum and dad were concerned, but I guess they believed it was all caused by the breakdown in my relationship with Sharon. Poor Sharon. She really was the innocent party and had no idea why I changed so suddenly. She is a good person and I do need to make it up to her somehow. Then again, she will want to know what happened and I don’t think saying “Oh it wasn’t you’re fault, I just had s-x with my aunt and fell in lust,” would be very helpfu

l. Maybe one day I could just send her some flowers out of the blue. Mmmm, probably not. The news must have spread amongst the family because my sister Kate also pried herself away from her husband to drop in and see me — something that never happens. I really don’t remember much of her visit except it was one Saturday morning after I had been to war with Jack Daniels. I lost. When I finally came to my senses it was late afternoon and I was laying naked on my bed and wet from head to foot. As much as I try, I cannot recall what happened, but it took a week for my bed to dry out properly. Now here I was, three months later, in the back of mum and dads car on the way to hospital to see Aunt Jane after the birth of her son. Yes, AJ was six months pregnant on that fateful afternoon. I remember thinking at the time that her ‘baby bump’ only added to the sexiness of the woman that she is. I lingered behind mum and dad as they entered AJ’s private room and just leant against the doorway. Uncle Barry was there and ecstatic that he now had a son to compliment their two girls. There were congratulations, hugs and kisses all around, but I never saw any of it. My eyes were only for Aunt Jane. AJ was sitting up in bed and, although she acknowledged everyone, I could see she looked drawn and tired. I sensed that she just wanted to rest. Eventually AJ looked across and spotted me for the first time. As our eyes locked I could see her tense up before she relaxed and snuggled into the comfort of her bed — the ends of her mouth turned up in the beginnings of a smile. I was then totally shocked when Aunt Jane said, “Barry, why don’t you take George and Caroline to see the baby. I’m sure Tony will stay here and keep me company while you’re away, won’t you Tony?” “Sure AJ, of course I will.” I walked over to Bazza and said, “Congratulations Uncle Barry,” then reached out and shook his hand. “Thanks Tony,” he replied, then turned to Aunt Jane and said, “you make sure you get some rest Hon, we’ll be back in about 20 minutes.” After the three of them had left an awkward quietness descended upon the room.


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