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   Chapter 2 The call

Blame it on dance By Authoress Harry Characters: 4490

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I thought she was speaking to one of her girlfriends and got a surprise when after about 10 minutes she yells “Tony, telephone.” I walk into the kitchen and said to Sharon “who is it?” “You’ll find out” she says, plonks the receiver in my hand and marches out. I lift the phone and tentatively say “Hello” “Hi Tony, it’s Jane” came the response. “AJ” I stammered, “this is a surprise, is everything Ok?” “Yes everything’s fine thanks” she responded “how about with you?” “Yep, great.” “Tony, your mum has told me about you wanting to go to dancing lessons and that she suggested to you we could go together.” “yeah that’s right” I said “Well initially I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea” she continued “however I have had some time to think about it and maybe we could give it a go. I spoke to Barry and he is happy for me to go with you and I mentioned it to Sharon then and she seems ok with it as well. So what do you think?” I was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond. I had not given the suggestion any further thought. “Umm, ahh” I blabbered “can I just speak to Sharon further? It’s not that I don’t believe you AJ but I just want to make sure she will be ok with it.” “Sure, no problem.” she said “I am really quite excited about it now”. We then said our respective goodbyes before hanging up the phone. I turned around and Sharon was watching me with hands on hips, tapping her foot. “Why didn’t you tell Aunt Jane that you would do it?” she said “I wanted to make sure for myself that you were ok and not feel pressured into anything” I responded “Of course I am ok” she said “its not like Aunt Jane is some young sexpot that’s gonna race you off. She’s your aunty for goodness sake. Go on, call her back and let her know its ok” And that’s exactly what I did. So AJ and I started going to lessons once a week and would go around to mum and dads for additional practice whenever we could arrange it. That was normally once or twice a week in the evening. Sometimes we would make it the afternoon and AJ’s girls would come along and watch. Mum and dad never bothered us when we practiced unless we specifically asked them to come down and help. I was always thankful to them for that. With all the time we spent together AJ an

d I developed a really great relationship. In the early days I don’t think either of us have laughed so much in our entire life. We became pretty relaxed with each other and that showed in our dancing. Although our lessons were limited to the waltz and foxtrot, we became very good quite quickly and even put on a show of our own at the next family reunion. It was in our second year of dancing that we moved onto learning the Latin dances like rumba and salsa. It was during these lessons that I started to notice AJ as an extremely sexy woman. The ballroom dresses were gone and replaced with very very short skirts and plunging necklines. The first time I saw Aunt Jane in a new outfit was at the dressmakers and I was speechless. She still kept her coppery colored hair high on her head (I don’t ever recall seeing it any other way) but it was her hourglass figure that I first noticed. She looked so trim it belied the fact that she had two children. Her legs were a little on the thinker side, probably from all of our dancing, but she walked with a seductive grace that was just so natural and alluring. Obviously I had noticed Aunt Jane’s b—–s before but they were always just there. Now, not only were they just there but almost out altogether. I don’t know how they were being kept in but I could see they were so full and milky white. I mentally estimated Aunt Jane as about a 36C cup. “Well what do you think Tony? Is it too much?” Aunt Jane said. I shook my head in an effort to regain my senses “n… n… no” I stuttered “you look absolutely fantastic. You gotta get that one.” “I’m really not sure” she said, “its seems to be too revealing and is not something that Barry would like me to wear. Besides, I’m too old to be parading around like this” “Nonsense AJ. You’re not old at all and besides, that dress really shows how much of a sexy woman you are”. At that comment Aunt Jane snapped her head around and said “do you really think I look sexy in this Tony?” “You sure do. I am sure Barry will think so as well” I said. AJ just started hard at me for what seemed like eternity before saying “Ahaaa, I think I need something a little more conservative”. From that day on I thought of Aunt Jane differently.


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