Chapter 5 Mad dogs

CHIDEL HIGH (THE PSYHCO IN LOVE) By Authoress Harry Characters: 3115

Updated: 2021-06-15 22:15

❣️ Mara pov ❣️

I turned back to see the person who covered my eyes only to see clara giggling at me, I hissed loudly at her actions before turning away from her.

The day went smoothly without any rukus of any form. We both get change into our various room before my annoying aunt came through

Mara! Mara! Where is that good for nothing girl again

Mum I think she and her stupid sister are in their room; I heard her useless daughter saying

So they are actually in their room and they keep counting my voice what.................

You don't have to keep stressing yourself here I am; I said slumping down on the couch

Well I want you to go to the grocery store and get me something; she said annoying

Am sorry did I hear you correctly; I asked irritatedly while straining my ear

Aunt we both are going to get it; Clara chipped in coming down from the stairs

She handed the list to Clara while we both headed out of the house, I don't feel like driving so we opt for cab.

We both jogged down to the estate gate to get a cab when something caught my attention

Clara look; I pointed at the Green arcade palace that's it's opening today

And so; she replied nonchalantly

C'mon let's go and have fun don't be a fun killer; I said dragging her along with me to the other side of the road

💚 Green Arcade palace 💚

Welcome to Green Arcade palace; the turtle taido at the entrance greeted us at the entrance

We walked in gracefully to see everywhere buzzing of different activities, people are tripping in and out of the place

We moved over to the made men section to have some little fun, we got our ticket each for the next round

It got to our round to play we moved over to the game stand to see our competitor only to see Ray, Liam and Matt are our competitior

We choose our various made men and start playing the game in no time clara and I beat the guys and also made an unbeatable record.

Oh oh oh we did it Yah Go Girly we did it

We were then announced as the made men first vvip gamer ever. We moved out to head over to the grocery store when stephanie and her gang stopped us

Where do you raccoons think you are going to? Mia said stepping forward

I never knew some mad dogs still exist among us; I said rolling my eyes on them

How dare you? Stephanie said raising her hands up which I caught quickly

Am a lady of short words why don't you come to the parking lot and let me show you what fist can do to your bones fools; I hissed loudly walking out on them

💖Authoress pov💖

The girls went to the parking lot to show themselves who is more powerful between them,they started fighting except Clara who stood afar watching her sister in amusement as she beats up the three girls.

People who are in the parking lot tried to settle the fight but was interrupted by Ray who asked them not to interfere in it while he kept videoing them

After some seconds the girls were down wincing in pains but someone else was there reporting every damned thing Mara was doing .

***** TBC

Guys who do you think is this person watching Mara

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