Chapter 4 Let the game began

CHIDEL HIGH (THE PSYHCO IN LOVE) By Authoress Harry Characters: 4442

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♥️Mara pov♥️

I was disgusted at the person who tapped me cause it was My aunt daughter, foolish Kathy, she just ruined my discussion with my sis, we were already at home.

"How dare you touch me with that filthy hands of yours, are you okay", I yelled at her, I can see Clara is trying to calm me down but I won't heed to it cause Kathy needs a hot warming this evening, she thinks am afraid of her and her stupid mom.

" Jeez!!!!!!", How dare this thing, that are parents died a miserable death, someone my mom is feeding and taking care of ", She replied and that got me, I didn't wait for seconds to pass and I gave her a dirty slap on her cheeks not one but two cause one is not enough for her.

"This will be the last time, that you insult me or you dare call my parents name or insult them, your gonna hear from me, you think am afraid of you and your stupid and useless mom", I fired back.

" How dare you slap me, in my mother's house", she hold her cheeks with tears at the brim of her eyes, she couldn't slap me back cause she is afraid of me, both her mom can't touch me, they are both afraid of me, I don't even know who gave her the audacity to talk to me cause she has never done this before, this is is just a warning slap I said". I left her there and head to my room don't have time for unreasonable fools, they think am Clara who does everything they say",As far as am in this house Clara is not gonna do anything, even that chidels high let me see who will try her and I need to look for those fools that poured her those things, they will also hear from me tomorrow.

******* NEXT MORNING 🌄I was done taking my bath and dressing, am already dome dressing, I just did a light make up, checked myself properly on the mirror and left to my sister's room. She was already dress also.

"Good morning sis".

"Good morning my fighter",She replied and I smiled remembering what I did yesterday.

We went to the dining together, food were already set, no one dares not give us food cause my aunt and her daughter won't go anywhere if they don't cook anything and me and my sis don't do anything in this house not if am here.

We didn't greet my aunt, my sis wanted to but I shut her mo

uth, we went straight to the dining, sat down, my sis dish out our food and we started eating.

******* CHIDELS HIGH 🏫

We came down from our car, not that we aren't rich my parents were rich before they died so my aunt took everything since we were little then, she started maltreating us but since I came up of age, I didn't take it again, I forced her to get us a car she didn't dare me cause she knows what I can do.

"Mara!!!!!", Clara yelled and cut me of my thought.

We went inside the school and went to our various classes me and Clara aren't in the same class, so she left to her's and I went to mine.

Getting to my class I saw Stephanie and her gang mia and Morgan heading towards my direction, they came closer to me, I just watch them to see what they want to do and I know they are the one that did that to my sis cause the look on their faces, they will hear from me now.

Stephanie has been my enemy since I attended this school, we always fight and quarrel, this morning is like she want to start her trouble and guess what, am ready for it "💯" ready.

"Is like someone seems a little bit hungry this morning and need food to nourish her system",I said looking at her directly with my eyes.

"Your a fool you know, you keep on getting on my nerves and you know I can throw you out of this school with just second's, is like what I did to your sis haven't teach you any lesson yet", she said and her friends laughed.

"And you think you can, I laughed, gosh look at this thing, have you forgotten that before my parents died they were among those who made the school who it is today, did you think you can do that then try it",I replied her back.

"Just stay and watch and another warning before I leave", "STAY AWAY FROM WHAT BELONGS TO ME OR ELSE". She said.

"Or else what dummy" I said holding my waist.

"Just sit and watch".she replied.

"Let the game began", I snap my fingers and walk out to my class don't have time for that fool this morning.

Almost at my class when Someone covered my eyes with his/her palm cause I don't know who is the person. TBC😱😱GUYS WHO IS THAT PERSON, GOSH I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.



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