Chapter 3 Stern look

CHIDEL HIGH (THE PSYHCO IN LOVE) By Authoress Harry Characters: 1146

Updated: 2021-06-15 22:13

🏫CHIDEL HIGH 🏫 (Pyscho in love💞)

Chapter 3

♥️Mara POV♥️

She stood from far watching Dem ,she wondered what must be happening,she moved closer and screamed her sister's name Mara!!!

♥️Clara POV♥️

I suddenly came back to my senses,I could sense my sis had been staring at us for quite some time now, I ran towards her and gave her a light hug, she gave me a Stern look which I knew she must have been waiting for me.Mara didn't say a word to her sis on their way home, suddenly she smiled and tap Mara on her shoulder .

♥️Mara POV♥️

She felt a hand on her shoulder she somehow felt shocked Her sis whispered wat happened at d field "Her mouth couldn't move still struggling of d response to give she finally spoke out" Some girls threw balls at me and he came to my rescue"U mean mean Matt "" her sis responded feeling surprisedYes "" Clara respondedU see wat I always tell u ,don't be mean to pple u don't no if dey will be of help to u some day"Mara said calmly.

♥️Clara POV♥️

I felt a tap from my back I turned around and was sooo disgusted with d person I saw😱😱

Hu is she🤔🤔


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