Chapter 2 My crush

CHIDEL HIGH (THE PSYHCO IN LOVE) By Authoress Harry Characters: 1602

Updated: 2021-06-11 19:25

Clara entered the ball court, the girls stared throwing balls at her, then somebody covered her. The person hugged her blocking her from the ball being thrown at her

💖 Clara's POV 💖

I looked up to the face who helped me and it was a guy. A guy I've seen once and likely to be in this school.

He's the hot guy who resumed school three days ago. And he happened to be my crush too!

I gasped immediately staring at his very tall stature. What's his name again? I can't really remember but I think they call him Matt or something similar,

I didn't know my mouth was open staring at him until I heard his voice saying: "What do you think you guys are doing". Why were you throwing balls at her.

💞Matt POV💞

I was walking by the ball court when I saw some girls throwing ball

s at this beautiful girl.

I quickly push through the crowd and covered her. Let me introduce myself.

I am Matt Jones. A singer, a model, a dancer and the heir to the Jones company. Am also an actor, but I love singing and dancing more than acting.

In short, I am a Demi god. Let leave the introduction for some other time.

I helped the girl out of the balls court and her mouth was open staring at me and I smirked saying: "Your mouth is open and your face is reddish, are you drooling at me?"

💖 Clara's POV 💖

I looked away Immediately trying to compose myself when I heard him say that.

"Thank you for helping me" I told him lowering my head.

Then I heard a familiar voice calling out my name......

Who owns the familiar voice....

Find out in the next chapter


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