Chapter 1 The bully

CHIDEL HIGH (THE PSYHCO IN LOVE) By Authoress Harry Characters: 2743

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Chapter 1

In a house a family was seen to be eatingin the dining.

Aunt Linda: Clara where is your sister she should come and clean up the plates

Clara:don't worry ma i shall do it

Kathy:and do mine also lazy girl mom am going to my room

Clara packed the plate and wanted to wash it before Mara appeared

Mara:what are you doing

Clara:just washing the dirty plates we use to eat

Mara:or the one they use to eat

Clara:pls make any troubles

Mara:am about to make one

Mara took a glass cup and broke it her aunt and Kathy rushed in

Kathy:what the heck is going on here

Mara:aunt the glass mistakenly fell from my hand

Kathy:mom i will teach her lesson

She tried to touch Mara but Mara bend Kathy hand

Kathy:mum tell her to leave me

Linda:Mara leave my daughter

Mara: for the whole month my sister will not work Kathy will do it


Mara:yep baby you will do it all clean the broken glass Clara we have school tomorrow let go and sleep

***************** The next day**************

Mara and Clara went to school leaving Kathy to do the household chores

*************** At chidel high**********

Go Ray go Ray go Ray A blonde with black hair was seen to be playing football

Mara:fools i wonder what they see in the ugly guy called Ray

Ray mistakenly threw the ball and it hit Mara

Ray: oh my gosh why

did this ball choose to hit this psycho now she would create a ruckusStephanie and her gang by when the ball hit Mara

Morgan:oh the ball hit the poor girl

Mia:oh stop that hey psycho give him the ball before i beat you up

Mara: you said am a psycho let me show you what psycho's do -(Mara took her hair pin and burst the ball)

Ray:what the heck did just do

Mara: I showed her what psycho's using your ball

Ray:what you need to pay for it or else am going to make your life hell

Mara:hell or no hell am not paying for itRay tried to touch herBut Mara quickly bend his hand

Ray:it is hurting

Mara:it is hurting the Greek god in chidel the one who girls can die for what a pity

Liam:let go of him

Mara:oh here comes the Greek friend

Liam:pls let go of him

Mara:okay only because you asked me politely(Mara let go of Ray hand)

Ray:oh my poor little hand you are a psycho

Mara:thanks my eyes are on you nowShe left

Liam:why do always mess with her

Ray:no she messes with me

Liam: let's just go to class*****Stephanie and her gang planned to bully Clara during basketball because today was sports dayClara changed into her sports wear she is in second level while Mara is in first level that makes their class differentClara entered the ball court the girls started throwing balls at her then somebody covered her


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