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   Chapter 3 He was confused about his feelings.

Let Luck Guide Your Life By Nehaahuja912 Characters: 6097

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Author's POV :

"Also these boys have come from some foreign country with her family after so many years. Moreover, you know, although they both are real brothers, but not twins yet they are in the same class ", Ginni said to her while giving her a surprised look.  "What, is it true and how do you know?", She asked in surprise. 

"Yes, it's true", Ginni replied in a serious tone.

"But how do you know?"She asked still in surprise.

"After my admission on the day of admission means yesterday, when you were busy getting your admission and I stood with you. Then the younger one whose name is Arun was introducing himself with Gaurav and Saurav and also telling them that he has one elder brother who is 2 years elder than him means he is 21 years old and his brother is 23 years old. They both are in the same class and have come from a foreign country. Many years ago they used to live here, but due to the transfer of father, they moved out and now they are again in transfer India", Ginni told her who was listening carefully.

"When Gaurav and Saurav asked him, how are they both in the Same Class? Arun said, "A few years ago, some incident happened with his elder brother. Due to this, his elder brother couldn't study for 2 years, so both of them are in the same class", She completed her talk and took a deep breath.

"Ok, but you only tell me the name of younger brother that is Arun, what's the name of his elder brother?", She asked curiously.

"What, you asked me the name of Arun's elder brother, Do u want to know, Because to date you have never asked me about a boy other than one?", Ginni laughs.

"I just ask like this, I'm not interested in knowing his name", She replied giving her a weird look.

"When did I say you are interested?", Ginni again laughs.  "Come on Ginni, leave this thing", She replied getting irritated.

"Okay Sorry, I was just teasing you", Ginni said.

"Ok", She replied. 

"Well, For your kind information I also don't know his name just because Arun didn't mention him", Ginni said.

"Ok", She replied.

Then lunchtime is over. After few lectures, college time is also over.

All the students are going outside from the college. Ginni and Tanya also going outside because Tanya's driver would come to pick her up and Ginni's father would come to get her.

Suddenly, Varun comes in front of Tanya and Ginni and stops their paths. Even before Ginni says something, he angrily said, "I have to talk to your friend, not you. You stand quietly and let me talk to your friend", then he turns his attention on her.

"See, I know that the mistake was mine that day, but for that how many times I told you sorry, but you didn't reply. I have come to says you sorry again and this time I'll not leave without hearing your answer. I don't say sorry to anyone again and again, nor I do remember things for long. But don't know why I'm not able to forget this thing? If you answer me to my sorry and forgive me then I think I may forget this thing and I'll never bother you again. Will you please forgive me?"

, Varun asked in a pleading tone. She looks at Ginni who gestures to her to forgive him.

"I'm not interested to talk to you", She said in a serious tone and leaves after saying this. Ginni also followed her.

Varun is shocked after listening to him and he stands there and starts thinking something. Then Arun comes there and asks him, "What happened Bhai, What are you doing there? Let's go home", He said.

"Ok", Varun replied. After this, both of them leave for home.

At night, he is thinking something that's when Arun calls him and ask, "What happened Bhai, What are you thinking?", He asked when he saw him lost in his thoughts.

"Nothing", He answers.

"Are you lying?", asked Arun.

 "No", He answers.

"You are lying Bhai. You know na that we both recognize each other by looking at the face of each other whether are we telling truth or lie to each other and for your kind information, I saw you talking to that girl today at lunchtime and after college time", Arun replied making his surprise.

"What", He said in surprise.

"Yes, I don't think you go to her, again and again, to say sorry.  I think this matter is something else?", Arun said in a teasing tone.

"Which matter", He asked raising his eyebrow.

"I think you like that girl. That's why you go to her again and again", Arun replied smirking at him.

 "He seems confused, but after 2 minutes, he said, "I don't like her. I only went to call her sorry, the mistake was yours, and yet I was going to say sorry on your behalf", He replied.

"OK, then tomorrow, I'll say her sorry from my side"Arun replied giving him a cheesy smile.

"No, there is no need", He replied immediately.

"Why?", Arun asked.

"I think that girl has so much attitude", He answered.

"Why do you think that girl has too much attitude?", Arun asked.

"Because she is not answering my sorry and today when I said her sorry after the college was over, she told me that she is not interested in talking to boys", He replied making a weird face.

"There may be some other reason for that", Arun said.

"What else could be the reason?", He asked.

"She may have been deceived by a boy.  That's why she is not interested in talking to boys", Arun answered.

"What, really?", He asked with his eyes wide open.

"This is the reason for most girls not talking to boys", Arun answers.

"I don't think so, that girl looks very decent", He replied.

"Seriously, when did you start seeing girls, I meant to say that till date you have never paid attention to any girl", Arun laughs.

 "Stop it, Just go and sleep. It's 11:30 pm already, tomorrow, we have to go to college too", He replied.

"OK, Good night, have sweet dreams of that girl", Arun said while laughing.

"What did you say?", He asked narrowing his eyes.

"Nothing, I was just kidding, Good night...Sweeeet dreammmssss bhaii😜😜", Arun laughs.

He stared at him with a strange look and said, "Good night".

Arun Slept within 2 minutes but Varun was not able to sleep. He was busy thinking something but after half an hour, he also fell asleep.

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