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   Chapter 5 He realized his mistake.

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Arun's POV:

After college was over, I said to her bye and she told me that she had to go to the office for some work. I also wanted to go with her but what excuse should I go?

"Arun I have to go to the office to take the application for leave. Will, you go with me?",Suddenly Saurav came to me and asked.

It seemed that a drowning person gets support for straws. I quickly hugged him.

"This is also a matter of asking, let me also go with you. You have made my work easy", I replied while hugging.

"Which work?", He asked while being confused.

"Will tell you on some other day. let's go", I replied smiling.

After telling that, I went to the office with him. As soon as I reached the office, I saw her standing in a line. Two boys stood behind her and after that, I and Saurav went and stood in that line. Although I didn't have any office work, I told Saurav that I take leave application for him.

I was looking at her from behind that suddenly my gaze diverted from her and fall on the two boys who stood after her. Both of them were staring at her back figure and don't know why but I was getting negative vibes from them?

"Yarr, how good is the figure of this girl", One of them said.

"Really yarr", The other one responded and my doubt turned into faith.

Then I saw that the boy who stood behind him pushed his friend standing in front of him and with that the boy fell on her. My blood started boiling after saw this.

"Sorry mam", Said the boy, who had deliberately fallen on her.

Ginni gave her no answer as her phone suddenly started ringing. Perhaps that call was from Tanya. But seeing all this, I was very angry.

The boy standing behind her was about to put her hand on his back with the wrong intention that I quickly went and held his hand tightly.

"You are very fond of touching girls", I said while fuming in anger and turning his hand in the opposite direction making him screamed in pain.

"No no sorry, please forgive me and leave my hand", he replied.

"Leave his hand, yarr.  The matter will increase significantly if the principal sir sees it", Saurav said near my ear.

" So let it grow. Principal sir should also find out that in his college, there are some such devils who look at girls with wrong eyes and such people have no right to study in such a good college and it is very important to teach these people a lesson and don't know how many girls they have done this activity with", I replied still holding his hand and giving him more pain.

"What is happening here? Arun you. what are you doing this and leave this boy's hand? he is in pain", suddenly principle Sir came and started releasing that boy's hand from mine with full force but he failed.

"Arun please leave his hand", Suddenly Ginni spoke with concern while giving me a charming smile and I released his hand as soon as I heard her.

"Arun I don't believe that you are a fighter boy. Your dad is such a good person. He stays away from all these things and you are showing your hooliganism to the boys here. I did never expect this from you", Sir Said angrily.

"No sir...", My girl started speaking while cutting me in middle, "Sir, Arun has no fault in this. These two boys were trying to miss behave with me. He is just saving me from these devils", She said and then looked at me with concern.

"Yes sir, She is saying right", Saurav said.

"Sorry sir, It will never happen again", The two boys apologize.

"I know that this will never happen again because after today both of you will not stay in this college to do any such thing. Both of you are expelled from this college today and now", Sir said angrily.

"And Arun, I'm proud of you", Sir said smiling and left.

Both those boys started going angr

ily from there that I stopped them.

"Oye Stop, Apologize to her first", I fumed in anger.

"Sorry", Both said one by one.

"Now get lost from here and never show your face to me", I said angrily and both of them left, staring at me angrily.

Then I turned my attention towards my girl.

"Thanks for taking my side", I said her smiling. 

"you were right. That's why I took your side and thanks to you too for saving me", she said smiling.

"Welcome", I replied smiling.

Then after finishing the work she started going from there and I also started following her. 

"Hey Arun, you said that you'll take the leave application form for me", Sourav said holding my hand.

"For so long I stood in line for you. Now stand for a while and do your work yourself and let me do my work", I said, released my hand from his grip and started following her.

"Ginni", I screamed while walking behind her. 

"Yes Arun", she replied while walking.

"Please stop. I want to confess something", I said and she stopped.

" What?", she asked raising one of her eyebrows.

"Do you remember, on the admission day, you got a little push from behind. It's all because of me. Sorry for that day and I'll also say sorry to Tanya", I said bowing my head in embarrassment.

"Why did you do that?", she asked in an angry tone.

"To see your beautiful face. Today, when that boy deliberately fell on you, I had done something similar so that I could see your face and seeing them doing this, I realized that I had done very wrong that day. I shouldn't have done that. But trust me I didn't do anything with the wrong intentions. I never thought anything wrong about you. I just wanted to see your face. I'm really sorry. please forgive me", I said still looking down.

She stood silent for a whole 2 minutes.

"You realised your mistake and on the top, you confessed it in front of me and apologize for that. It's a very big thing in itself. So It's ok", She replied smiling.

After hearing her words, I raised my head, smiled and said thanks to her.

"Ok bye Arun. Dad is probably waiting for me outside. See you tomorrow", She said smiling.

"Bye", I replied smiling and started looking at her going from there. 

She looked back once and smiled at me. I smiled back and then she disappeared.

Don't know what is there in this girl, because of which I keep pulling her again and again and the more I go near her, the more I feel for her........

At night, I and Bhai were sitting in our room.

"You remember Arun, I told you once that Tanya has so much attitude but I was wrong. She is a very nice and pure-hearted girl", Bhai said while smiling and thinking about her.

"Why do you think so now?", I asked him.

Then Bhai started telling me about her nature and behaviour and then they said maybe I like her.

But I corrected that. I said that you started loving her and then I congratulate and hugged him.

I also wanted to tell Bhai about Ginni but till now I didn't know whether she also likes me or not.

"Arun, do you want to tell me something?", Bhai asked.

"Aa..ahh..No Bhai", I replied with a faint smile and then we both slept.

After a few days

Bhai and I entered the class, we saw that Tanya and Ginni were distributing some invitation cards in the class. Suddenly she turned towards me. She smiled looking at me. I smiled back at her and she was about to come towards us that Tanya stopped her and gave her birthday's invitation card to Bhai and left from there. 

That's when I told Bhai that Tanya is the daughter of Dad's childhood friend because the same card came to our house last night when he didn't have dinner and after that, we both sat down at our respective places and the first lecture bell rang.

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