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   Chapter 3 Bank robbery

Arrested by love By Authoress Harry Characters: 4909

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Daria smiled unwillingly as she stared atPrisca. She had no negative mind butthought Prisca came for a goodpurpose. She looked at Austin again andsaid, “I guess i have to go so that youcan entertain your guest”“Alright” Austin replied without lookingup.“Daria, let’s get out of here!” Lana spokeup harshly. Daria couldn’t leave becausethe attention she needed from Austinwasn’t given to her. Therefore, sheturned and glanced at Prisca and Austinagain.“Let’s go!” Lana dragged her by thehand.After they left, Prisca asked Austin, “Whydid you do that?”“Did what?” Austin finally looked upgrinning broadly.“Why did you allow Daria to go just likethat?”“She wanted to go, i didn’t force her”“Hmm…” Prisca averted her eyes fromhim.“May i offer you something?” Austinasked.“What do you have?” Prisca returned hereyes smiling.“Just wait and see” Austin stood up.**Still on the road where Lana was stilldragging Daria home.“Wait nah! Stop dragging me, what?!”Daria exclaimed before Lana disengagedher hand.“Can’t you see? Don’t you have eyes?!”Lana placed her hands on her waist.“What are you talking about?”“I saw how Austin was looking Prisca,it’s not ordinary. Now listen, did Austingive you his attention?”Daria shook her head negatively in reply,“He didn’t even ask me whether i wenthome successfully last night?” she addedbitterly then her heartbeat increasedthereby stimulating tears in her eyes.“That’s what I’m saying, Austin doesn’tlove u. It’s obvious he’s interested inPrisca”“Please, stop saying that” Daria voicebegan to break.“I’m only telling u the truth. Someoneyou sustained an injury for last nightand got shouted by your parents doesn’teven care or give you a little attention.He doesn’t love you!” Lana concluded.Her words finally brought tears in Daria’seyes.“No, i can’t allow Austin do this to me.I’m going back to him” Daria said intears and wanted to proceed but Lanaheld her hand.“Over my dead body! You can’t go backthere, not while I’m here! Please, let’s gohome”“Please, Lana”“I said no!”Daria went home with Lana brokenhearted.**At a nearby bank, away from the land ofObioha, one could see both security menand policemen with guns. Theymonitored every movement within andoutside the bank. Of course bankingwas taking place. Sooner did they hearthe sound of Ebube’s motorcycle and gotready.“Everybody get down!” the policemenshouted. Even before they g

ave thecommand, many people who heard themotorcycle laid down already.Finally, Ebube arrived in front of thebank still in a mask and heroic attire. Hejumped down from the motorcycle andstared at the policemen and securitymen who pointed guns at him.“Not a step forward! Go back!” one ofthe policemen shouted.Ebube smiled as he touched his swordgently. “Have you not heard about me?”he asked. “They call me Red while I’mblack. Imaging!” he smiled again andmoved forward. Then the policemenbegan to shoot him, yet he kept going. Itwas obvious the bullets touched him butnon hurt him. As he reached the gate, hejumped over it and brought out hissword. However, the policemen got tiredof shooting. They only watched himgrabbed one of the security men on theear into the bank and collected a hugeamount of money. They all watched himreturn to his motorcycle and said, “Iguess you all know who Red is now.Continue your transaction” he put thekey in the ignition. “Crooom, Crooom”the motorcycle blasted out.:Before Lana and Daria could get to theirresident, they heard the sound ofEbube’s motorcycle. Others who heard it,either ran into a bush or totally laid flaton the ground.“I heard the same sound last night”Daria spoke up.“That must be Red” Lana said fearfully.“Who’s he and what does he want?”“He’s a known criminal”“Why can’t the police arrest him” Dariaasked seriously.“He cannot be arrested. He’s even morepowerful than the soldiers. I guess he’sheading to the village square” Lanareplied and dragged Daria by the handagain to take another road to theirhouse but she insisted. “Daria, what’swrong with you?!”“I want to see this Red” Daria replied.“You must be crazy! This person is not ahuman being”“Do you think so?”“Please, let’s flee!” Lana held her handand they began to run.**Odem was staggering on the road whenEbube passed him with a speed therebymaking him fall into a bush. “Hey! Thegods of palm wine!” he shouted as hestruggled up again. Nobody remindedhim to run to his house instead ofstaggering because the air created bythe motorcycle blew off thedrunkenness from his eyes.On the other hand, Austin took coverwhen he also heard the motorcycle. Hestood up and told Prisca to get insidethe house.“Why should i enter into the house?”Prisca asked.“Because i don’t want you to be hurt”Austin replied.“Why do care so much about me?”Prisca looked into his eyes…:TBC

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