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   Chapter 2 Reaching the stranger(danger)'s home

The power of transformation By Elsa❤ Characters: 4612

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We took a long walk out of the huge flats and buildings and I kept on thinking, 'would my life change forever starting from tomorow?', but what I'm doing could be dangerous and this man's name is also danger, should I change my mind? 'No Elsa a soft and warm bed is better that cartbox on the cold floor' my inner self kept telling me as I kept following the man.

It was after I started seeing a small neighbour hood that I stoped thinking too much. I'm not getting killed today. We proceeded to a small house which seem to be 3 room house and after walking inside I felf the warm and I was happy. "Welcome to my home Elsa, you may feel free to move around there is the kitchen and there is your room and the bathroom is inside me if you need anything I'm going to take a shower" he said as he went to the other room which I assumed it was his room.

I looked around and decided to check what was in the fridge since I was allowed to go in the kitchen. There were aples which first attracted my attention and I took one and ignored anything else. I went to my room, closed the door and started feeling like taking a bath after 3days. I enjoyed my self in the tub but I didnt know what plan was being made about me in the room.

"I found a new one for you boss, fress and innocent" danger said on the phone while the person at the other end of the phone was not even interested. "Danger even last time you said the same words 'fresh and innocent' but I got something like to play with fire danger" the person said to danger. "Boss I promise this time I'm being for real please agree to the deal boss" danger pleaded. Sigh "okay danger I hope you not playing your games again because if you are then you are dead" the person said."you won't be disappointed boss" danger said as he was exited that he just made a million in one night.

"Okay I'll deliver the package tommorow" that was what Elsa heard when she came out of her room but she didnt mind as it was not her business maybe danger had some work to do.

"Ohh hi elsa, you need something?" Danger asked. "No, nothing I just wanted to get some fresh air" she replied. "OK feel free to go around but not to the study OK? And do sleep early we gaing to have a long day tomorrow" he said. "OK" elsa replied not saying anything more she

went away. On the other side danger was having a good time when he remembered he just hit a jackpot and will be getting a million tomorrow.***Elsa's POV

I went through the hallway until I saw a room that I assumed was the study but then I remembered that I was not allowed to go in. But anyway is fine its not my house and this is danger's personal space therefore I won't interfear.

I went to the garden...well it seems like one as it had a lawn but there were no flowers and I was surprised. Anyway danger is a man so I won't judge him, he might have no time for things like gardening, surely he spend his time doing some job and at night going to clubs with his friends.

It started getting chilly..and I went inside to get some sleep, danger said it will be a long day tomorrow even though I didnt get what he meant but I guess we will see. ***I woke up when I heard a knock on my door...god Ive never slept so comfy in a long time, I even forgot that I was in someone's home.

I stand from the bed as I head to the door. After I open I see danger's face and he seem happy and energised today I don't know whats happening or maybe this is how he looks every morning, I mean everyone will wake up will a lot of energy after a good sleep.

I'm out of my trance when danger start talking. "Good morning elsa, had a good sleep?" He ask"Yes I did, i even forgot that I was in someone's home" I give out a small laugh"Don't worry today will be a life changing for gonna live a good life from today" he say and I'm confused as of what he is talking about, but I don't ask as he tells me to go and take a shower then he will be waiting for me downstairs. "I bought some clothes for you to wear" he say as he hand me a bag, I guess I did need new clothes after all I have been wearing this outfit since I came out of the orphanage."Okay I'll be there" I say as I head to the bathroom to refresh myself and change in to the new clothes. Its a miniskirt with a tank top exposing my belly butom, and a pair of sandals."Wow" I say as I look at myself in the mirror. I sure look like a teenager today and I realised my whole body shape is visible in this clothes but I don't care it feels fresh to change from the ones I was wearing.

*** I hope you are enjoying good readers(' +')

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