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   Chapter 2 No.2

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"Where is Mr Russo?" She asked not even letting me finish what I wanted to say.

"He said he will be back soon." I lied because I didn't want to ask her name and write it down just for her to get fired. I know how it feels to be jobless so there's no way I'll get anyone fired.

"Is that your child?" She asked pointing at Emily and I nod my head. "Children aren't allowed so don't bring her next time and don't lock this door again, Mr Russo hates someone that locks doors." She left after looking at me like I was some disgusting thing.

"Wait." Another women said before I closed the door. "Give these papers to Mr Russo and by the way Lex is just always bitter don't mind her." I nod my head as I took the pages. "Why didn't you write her name down?" She asked and I looked at her shocked.

"How do you know?"

"I overheard so next time don't forget to write her name down unless you want to get fired." She told me and I nod my head smiling. "I have to get back to work, bye."

"Bye." She left in a hurry and I closed the door, not locking it this time.

"Everyone thinks you don't belong here." I told Emily picking her up. "I know you miss your papa that's why you cry a lot at nights." I kissed her on the cheek than put her down again.

I started putting everything in order, Emily didn't even bother me. She just kept playing with her toy and fell asleep. I didn't even think far, where can I put her when there's no bed for her to sleep at work.

I picked her up and went to that girl who gave me the files, I'm sure she knows everything about this place.

"Can I come in?" I asked and she got up.

"You don't need to ask. Is something wrong with your baby?"

"No. She's fine but she's sleeping." I replied and started to bite my bottom lip.

"I can keep her, I really don't mind her sleeping on my lap. I'm done with my work and that arrogant boss of ours isn't here. So please, let me." I scanned her from top to bottom and she was actually so excited to look after my baby. "I love kids, I promise I won't let anything happen to her." She assured me and I gave Emily a kiss.

"Please, call me if anything happens." I mumbled giving Emily to her. "I'll be in Mr Russo's office and thank you for being kind." She nod and I left her with my daughter.

Oh god, please let her be fine with that nice women!

I started working and after an hour, I called Nicholas but he didn't answer his phone.

Me : Please don't forget to pick Elijah up.

After a couple of minutes of working again my phone peeped and I quickly read the message.

Mr Annoying : I already did but I took him to my house because there's a maid there. I'll bring him to the office wh

en I'm coming to take you home. I won't be at work the whole day so make sure you write every name for me.

Me : You have a meeting today. I saw the file, it says Mr Singh will be here.

Mr Annoying : Make a plan please. Bye!

I left him on read and started working again.

"She's hungry." The women I asked to look after Emily came in with Emily crying.

"I'll feed her. Thank you." I quickly took Emily from her and took her milk out to feed her. I sat on the chair and she was really hungry because she couldn't wait to open her mouth when she saw the bottle.

"What's your name and your daughters name?" The women asked and I looked at her. "Mine is Geneva."

"Sofia." I replied still feeding Emily. "She's Emily."

"She looks cute, is Mr Russo the father?" I laughed at her words. I only met that idiot almost two months ago.

"Her father lives in New York, I think." She looked at me confused and after that we started talking about other things until Emily was full. Lunch time was nice and Nick still didn't come back. It was almost home time but I was worried about Nick. What is taking him so long?

"Let's go home." Nicholas said as soon as he came in. "How many names did you write down for me?" He asked as we got in the elevator.

"Where were you the whole day?" I quickly changed the topic because I didn't write one name down for him even though almost everyone was asking for him.

"I told you I was with my friend." He shrugged his shoulders as we walked out of the building.

"Mommy, I missed you." Elijah greeted me with those words as soon as he saw me.

"I missed you more, did you fight with anyone today." I asked as I got in the car and he shook his head. "That's my good boy." The whole car ride was silent and I was too tired to make small talks.

"Thanks, bye." I shouted as Nick drove off after dropping my kids and I. "Elijah, are you sure you were a good boy today?" I asked as we entered our house.

"Yes mommy and Em?" He asked.

"She was the best daughter." I replied and he sticked his tongue out for her. "I'll cook and you look after Emily, okay."

"Okay mommy." I quickly left for the kitchen and started cooking. I'm glad Benjamin taught me how to cook.

As soon as I was done cooking and I dished up for Elijah and I the door bell rang and I quickly attend to it. I know it can't be that fool because he has a copy of my car and he never knocks or anything. He sends me a message to open the door for him.

"Hi." I was speechless to see Benjamin standing in front of me. He didn't even call once or visit since when we moved here and today when I finally accepted that he wanted nothing to do with us, his here.

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