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Almost 2 months later!

Sofia's POV.

"Boh." Nicholas came out of nowhere. I swear he is crazier than anyone I ever met before. I literally hated him because he was arrogant but he has a good side too. He just reminds me so much about Benjamin who hasn't visited us once since we moved to Paris. I know Benjamin is heartbroken but so I'm I. We were never good for one another so it's not like it's going to be that difficult to move from each other. I still love Benjamin, I always have and always will but life should go on and if he can move on so can I.

The day I left Benjamin, I never signed the divorce papers because I knew once I signed those papers, we would be done. But after the videos and magazines I have seen with him and another women, I knew he had move on. So I signed them and now I'm single not that anyone cares.

"Nick when will you grow up? This isn't your house so stop breaking in." I shouted annoyed but he rolled his eyes and walked away. "I'm talking to you."

"I came to fetch Elijah for school and to take you to work so calm down beautiful, I'm not here to kidnap you." He replied jumping on the couch.

"Eli." I shouted and my son came running from upstairs with his school bag. "Be good at school and please don't hit people just because they don't like you." I begged him as I went on my knees and he nod smiling. "Now give me a kiss." Elijah gave me a kiss and I gave him one too.

"Mommy, when is daddy coming?" This is the question I created so many lies for, just because of Benjamin. He never answers my calls so I wouldn't even know if he still wants his children or not.

"Elijah, if we don't go to school now I won't buy you an ice-cream." Nicholas said picking him up. He always somehow helps me even though he is a jerk.

"Bye mommy." Elijah waved as they both left the house.

I quickly went upstairs and started to get ready for work because Nicholas will definitely give me a warning if I'm late for work.

"Emily, can I leave you." I asked my six month old daughter who was sleeping. "Your uncle Nick, wouldn't mind if I took you to work right?" I talked to myself and actually that was a great idea. I can't trust anyone to look after my daughter when she's just a few months old. I wish Anna was here because I know she wouldn't mind.

"I'll wake you up and dress you after I'm done." I told her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I quickly showered and got dress as fast as I could. I already had breakfast with Elijah but I know this baby I'm carrying is always hungry so ill just have to eat again before I leave.

I woke Emily up and started feeding her, she's definitely the Angel her father always wanted. As soon as I was done feeding Emily I quickly washed her and dressed her afterwards. She is the opposite of Elijah, she's more like Stephanie and Elijah is like Stella. I picked her bag because I know I can't breastfeed her at work.

"You have five minutes." I heard Nicholas annoying voice. "It wouldn't look good for you if you late for your first day at work." He continued shouting and I quickly came downstairs with Emily.

"Give me two minutes just to eat." I asked nicely and he nod his head. "You can hold Emily so long." I handed Emily over to Nicholas and quickly went to the kitchen to eat.

"I hope you don't take after Jay." I whispered to my baby as I rubbed my tummy and I quickly ate as fast as I could. After I left Benjamin a few weeks later I found out I was expecting. I tried calling him without thinking but thank god he didn't answer.

"Who did you finally trust to look after Emily?" Nicholas asked as I came out of the kitchen. "Is it one of your neighbors?"

"I'll look after her myself." I replied taking Emily from him. "

I have been in Paris for a month and a few weeks and I don't have a friend so I'm taking her to work."

"I'm your boyfriend and a boyfriend has a----wait you want to take her to work?" He started laughing and I nod my head. "No Sofia. I'm your boss and I can't favor you, I'm sorry."

"It's just until I make a friend, please Nicholas." I begged him but he shook his head. "I'm begging you. I really need the job but I can't also be a bad parent."

"Fine, just until you get someone to look after her." He finally agreed and I hugged him. "A kiss wou---." I looked at him angry. "Never mind, let's just go."

We all went in the car and the whole car ride he was talking about what I should do and stuff. He literally has a whole book written because of the way he was speaking. I was scared because I was a billionaires PA before and it was definitely not nice.

"You ready?" He asked as we went in the elevator.

"I'm not feeling well Nicholas. Why don't you hold Emily just until we go to your office." I replied and he laughed as if I made a joke.

"You scared." He uttered. "I thought you said you not scared of anyone." He added and I handed Emily to him.

"I'm not scared. I just want people to like me after all it's my first day. I want to make friends Nicholas." I quickly defended myself and the elevator stopped at our number.

Breath in and breath out Sofia!

"Morning sir." So many people greeted him as we walked passed, I kept looking on the floor because I was too afraid to look at their faces.

"I'm not scared." Nicholas mimicked. "You didn't even look up once Sofia. Anyways make sure Emily is invisible because I don't want her getting in the way of your work."

"Yes, Nichol---."

"Ahem." A women came in clearing her throat. "Sir, I need you to sign these papers and here is everything your new PA will need." Nicholas quickly signed the papers and told her to get out.

"We friends at home." Nicholas started and I looked at him confused. "When we at work Sofia, you can't call me by my first name and you can't argue with me."

"What must I call you then? Boss? sir?"

"Mr Russo." He smiled and I burst out laughing. "What's the joke now?"

"I have known you since I moved to Paris which was almost two months ago and you have been laughing at my last name being Valentines yet yours is Russo."

"We will argue about that some other times now start working. I have to pick up a friend from the airport and after that we might go for drinks, but don't worry I'll pick you up." I tried to open my mouth but he started talking again. "All those files, I want it neatly done and everything up to date. Bye Valentines." Nicholas left before I could even shout.

How I'm I suppose to look after Emily when he wants me to do everything in a day.

"Oh yes, if anyone asks you where I am than be a good PA and write their names down for me. I'll fire them." He shouted and left before I uttered a word.

Is he really that strict at work?

I definitely have to everything unless I want to be jobless again. I waited for almost two months for this stupid job so there's no way I'll get fired just because I couldn't do something so easier.

I locked the office door and put Emily downs so she can crawl while I work. I started working and everything was really easy. I know being a PA isn't a fancy job but I really miss this job so much. I loved being a PA to Mr Hassan who fired me because of Benjamin but this time I promise myself I won't get fired, especially not because of Benjamin. Someone started knocking on the door and I quickly got up and open the door.

"What are you doing in Mr Russo's office?" A women asked standing in front of me with a file.

"I'm his new PA---."

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