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Emma POV

It has been five years since my parents died from accident. Leaving me and my sister all alone. I manage to land a job and become one of the doctors in Saint Luke Hospital!

But ever since my parents died I was practically left to support the needs and wants of my little sister. She's eight years old and have been suffered from kidney failure for two years.

I, as a doctor knows that she's badly need kidney transplant. But I don't have enough money for kidney donor and of course the operation.

Although I am a surgeon but I am still learning. But I have my best friend Belle. She's a very good and well known surgeon. Though we both started together but she able to enhance more since that girl has been very bookworm and loves to learn a lot.

I on the other hand is so occupied of my responsibility as a guardian of my sister. I am hands on, I send her to school and fetch her to school. So I'm short I become her mother and father.

Right now even though my shift is over and I am in my house. I was being called in the hospital since they have emergency. Saving lives is not easy. Doctors are being called even though your time work is over.

I sigh and give up. After I end the call. I immediately went to my room and prepare myself to work.

Right now Lisa, is still sleeping. I am so happy she got discharged from the hospital after being confined for almost one month. She been begging me to send her home since she missed her schooling a lot.

I grab a pair of clothes and quickly run my car to the hospital.

I arrived in the hospital. As I expected it is so pack with patients.

"Emma!" My best friend called me. As expected she's here too. Well she's so hard working but her family has been abusing her kindness to much.

She work hard like 24/7 but her salary is always went to her sister who shop branded clothes, jewelries and those expensive things that are truly unwanted. If she declined her father will mishandled her.

But she never complained not even fight back. She can move out from that house since she earned a lot. But she love that family too much.

"Belle!" And I hug her.

"Why are we being called?" I asked her

"As usual we're run out of doctors. There's a accident and many casualties involved." She said

"Oh God! Another sleepless night again!" I complained.

"I am already used to it!" She said smiling.

"Ahh we can't never found love in this situation. Maybe we will get married by our job!" I told her smiling

She smiled but not really genuine something is wrong. I guess she's not comfortable in talking about marriage.

"Do you want to get married Emma?" She asked me out of the blue.

I scowl at her and look at her like she's grown two horns.

"Are you serious? How will I do that? I have sister to take care of and my job is super pack! And men now a day's changed women like they changed their underwear." I told her

"Yeah right!" She said.

Then we begun our work. We managed to finished two in the morning. My god I am so sleepy. I want to sleep in the doctor's

quarter but I forgot to inform my sister that hospital called emergency so I need to go back home.

I ran my car in the high way then a car suddenly over take me and made me collide on his back. Fucker!

I open my door and immediately went to car that collided me. Urg! My eyes landed on a man that checked his car.

I crossed my arms in my chest and said

"Are you blind ? Or do you want to die?" I snap to him

He turn around and my God he's like a Greek god face and his body is like a model. Shit!

"Miss you're the one crush my car!" He said in a low voice?

What did he say? Is he nuts?

"What? You're the one overtaking me out of nowhere and then you tell me I'm crushing your car?" I told him angrily. Forget about how handsome he is. He's a jerk.

"Miss look at exactly. You're the one crushing me and you snap at me?" He said while looking at me.

"So it's my fault now? did I tell you to overtake suddenly? !"I snap again.

"You know what! You can just tell me you don't have money to fix this. Rather than snapping at me"! He said in a cold tone.

"Huh? You're not just a jerk but a spoiled rich asshole. You don't have the right to insult me." I told him angrily right now

Then a two beautiful brunette suddenly went out from his car door. Shit! He's not just a jerk, spoiled brat but a man whore too. My god!

A girl went beside him and cling her arms on his neck while the other one kiss his cheek sexily. Ewww! Grossed! I can't help but winced looking at them their so dirty. My virgin eyes!

"Listen here! I don't have any fault and it's yours because you overtake suddenly. Can't you see I am driving in a minimal speed and then you suddenly show out in front of me. What are you thinking? I can't dodge that easily you know!" I told him

"Babe just give that beggar a money! She's too dramatic!" The girl said.

"Yes babe! She's taking too much of your time. Come on let's play!" Ewwww!

"Oh my God! Are you for real? Don't you dare call me beggar and insult me. You should see yourself before judging others. You're a slut and whore. Your dirty as a pig!" I told them.

"What did you say?" The other girl said.

They about to lunge over me but I stop them by saying.

"You better stay in your position or else I won't hesitate to bald you. I will pull out both of your fake hair I swear!" I told them. They immediately back down.

The guy look at us amused. Wow! This is amusing to him? Girls fighting?

"Hey you jerk! Stop smiling there! I won't report and you will not report too. Then this is over.! " I said and I turn around to leave. But a hand grab my wrist making me turn.

"What the fuck?!" I cursed.

"You might want to call me little feisty!" He said and he put his card on my hand. Then he let go my wrist but not before winking at me.

I narrow my eyes to him and glaring at him. If look can kill he already buried six feet under. The two girls climb back to the car and the man shout at me before he start his car.

"I will be waiting babe!" He said then blew me a kiss.


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