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   Chapter 3 Taken

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Devin took off his shirt after she left, throwing it in the trash. He couldn't help but smile happily, after searching for a long time, he has finally found something interesting. His boss is really going to like her.

Without wasting time, he took out his phone to call him immediately. He picks up on the third ring.

"You'll die if this isn't reasonable," he said.

Devin gulps"No boss, it's reasonable! I think you'll like it, no love it."

There was a slight pause, then"Capture her at once, do not touch her in any way or make any mistakes, or you'll regret it."

"Yes, Boss."

Their work is to search for females around the world, send them to their boss while he sells them to different werewolf packs. Devin and his brothers love this job because they get to play with some females before handing them to their boss. This time around, their boss gave them a special task, he wants them to find a feisty woman. He wants something different.

After hanging up, Devin went into the dance floor to search for his brothers. Seeing them with the blonde lady, he sent a message through the mind link, "Come on boys, we've got work to do. Let's go hunting."


Tears streamed down my face as I walked down the dark, silent street.

I wanted to avoid ruining Cassie's fun, so I left her behind without taking her car, I felt like walking home, so I could vent out my anger.

Yeah fun, many other girls of my age will be happy having fun but for me? I'm all alone in this world, even though I have Cassy with me, I still feel alone. I couldn't tell her about my addiction. Nor could I tell her about my stepdad. And... mom. Out of all my friends, no one knows I'm an addict. How can I tell them that?

How would they look at me?

I'll become an outsider among them and who knows, they might someday leave me for that. And that's my greatest fear. Cassie is like the only sister I never had, my only family, I'll be broken if she leaves me. I've always tried to be strong even when I'm not, I've relied on myself to get to where I am today. I don't think I'll strive on if they leave me. I wish this isn't my life, I wish mom never married Max, I wish I could go back in time and undo the wrongs, but those are all wishes. If only wishes could come true. I sniffed, wiped my tears, and was about to walk into a sharp corner when I realized that the whole area was unusually quiet.

No sounds of insects were chirping, nothing, which made me frown.

I continued forward, this time, vigilant of my surroundings. A few minutes later, I saw a dark figure standing one meter away from me.

My heart skipped.

I stopped walking and rubbed my eyes to see clearly. When I opened my eyes again, I found out that the person was no longer standing there, but a few feet away from me.

My eyes shrank. What? How is this possible? He was standing far away from me, how did he get so close? Am I seeing things?

Whoever he is, my instincts told me to run!

I took a step backward and another and was about to turn when my back hit a hard wall... No, someone's body.

I gasp and turned sharply.

My eyes widened when I saw him. The man from the club!

"! What are you doing here!"

He chuckled, "Beauty, we haven't finished what we started."

I edged back, away from him, "Don't even think about it. I have nothing to do with you."

"But you do, beauty, you have everything to do with me."

I got a bad premonition when he nodded at something behind me. Two guys stepped out of nowhere, surrounding me. My heart raced, goodness, who are these people?

"What do you want?" I asked, facing him.

In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of me"This"

"Huh?" A sharp object prickled my skin, making my body go limp instantly. I found myself falling but couldn't stop, my eyes spun, not seeing clearly.

The man caught me before I could hit the ground. The last

thing I heard before blacking out was"Shit! You gave her a full dose, have you forgotten she's human? That will knock her out for 24 hours."



Devin was exceptionally happy looking at the girl in his arms, "Great, let's get out of here."

"She's so pretty and looks innocent. Don't you think we should have her before taking her to the boss?" His brother Dean said, licking his lips. Drake also nods in agreement.

Devin shook his head, "No, you heard boss' instructions. She should be delivered unscathed, he has plans for her. Now let's go before someone notices us."

Just then, a voice rang out, "Not so fast Devin."

Devin and his brothers froze for a minute, they smelt the visitors immediately before they saw them. They tensed up, ready for a fight. Vampires. How did they find their location?

"Why are you here, Raphael? I don't believe we have any business together." Devin growls, his wolf was already at the surface, ready to shift if they make a move.

Raphael walks out of the shadows with a smile on his face, "But we do Devin, so long as it involves her." Five more vampires walk out of the shadows and surrounded us.

"Will you hand her over to us? Or... Do you want us to make a move?"

Hearing this, Devin grits his teeth in anger. He has no choice but to hand her over. The vampires outnumbered them! Fuck! His boss will be furious if they return empty-handed.

Raphael smirks as if he knows what was going on in his mind "Now, that wasn't so hard,d, was it? I'll take my leave now." He took the girl and left with the rest of the vamps.

"Are we just going to let them leave? We should have fought with them!" Dean spat.

"Do we have a choice? They knew we wouldn't be able to fight them off, so they used that method by outnumbering us. Now we just need to think of how we're going to explain this to the Boss."


I don't know how long it took before I started regaining my consciousness. I blinked slowly but didn't open my eyes.

My body felt heavy, so heavy that I couldn't even lift a finger. Taking in a deep breath, I smelt a lavender scent all over.

The bed I'm lying on feels so soft... different from my bed. This felt much more comfortable than mine. Hmm, weird.

I tensed up when flashes of what happened drifted into my mind. The man from the club! That bastard drugged me!

No, it can't be, maybe all that was a dream.

My eyes opened Instantly and were blinded by the bright light. I squinted my eyes till they adjusted to the room.

The room... So big, the interior was modern, and the wall is painted white. Definitely not my room.

My room was in shades of light blue. My heart started racing as I realized.

No no, God no, this can't be happening.

I was kidnapped?

Just then, I heard the door open. I closed my eyes and waited.

Soon, I heard humming from a woman, she was moving about in the bedroom. I felt her presence beside me and held my breath.

Who is she? I badly want to open my eyes but remained calm instead. Not long after that, she left.

"How is she?" Someone asked

"She's still sleeping, sir, I think she'll wake up anytime soon."

"Good, when she wakes up, get her ready to meet the Alpha."

"Yes sir."

I couldn't hear anything after that but fading footsteps.

My eyes opened. The Alpha?

What does Alpha mean? Could they be referring to the boss? Why do they want me to meet the boss? Was that the reason they kidnapped me?

Goodness! Why am I so unlucky? Was I born with bad luck written on my forehead?

I need to find a phone. I need to ask Cassie to call the cops or else, who knows what will happen.

If they want me to wake up, then they're dreaming, I'll lay here till God knows how long besides, It's a good thing I couldn't move my body. Must be the after-effects of the drugs, if I can't move,, then how do they expect me to meet the so-called Alpha?

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