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   Chapter 1 Eleven Years ago

Mated To The Alpha Kings By Georgina E. Adah Characters: 6660

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Delaney's POV

Eleven years ago!

"Let go of me!! You're hurting me! Let go!"

"Shut up you b*tch! Do you think you can cheat on me and I wouldn't know? You whore! Are you going to keep lying? Do I look like a fool to you?"

"I didn't do anything, Max, let go of me."


I was sleeping when I heard those noises, I instantly knew it was my stepdad quarreling with mom again. Knowing what will happen next, I got down from the bed and rushed towards the phone that mom left for me.

At ten, I was unusually wiser than my mates, I knew between right and wrong. Maybe it's the fact that my parents usually leave me at home and go on with their daily business or the fact that I was naturally born smart, who knows?

Picking up the phone, I called 911. They picked up immediately.

"Hello, what's the situation?"

"Hi sir, my mom is heavily injured, can you please quickly send an ambulance? I'm afraid she won't be able to hold on for long."

There was a slight pause before he resumed talking"Okay dear, kindly send your address to me and tell us how's your mom, what happened to her?"

I ignored the last part of the question and gave him my address before hanging up. After that, I ran to the living room to see mom lying on the floor, looking so miserable as always.

Dad was nowhere to be seen, which made me wonder where he went to.

"Momma?"I cried out taking her hand in mine," are you okay? Do you want me to do something? I already called for an ambulance."

She let out a pained groan, stretch her hand to touch my face, "No little Del, you've done enough. I'm so proud of you, dear that you can take care of mom at this stage." she coughs.

Tears streamed down my face, "That's what you taught me, mom."

Just then, the paramedics rushed in and took her away, I wanted to follow them, but they didn't let me.

"No dear, you stay indoors and be good, okay? What if your dad? Can you call him for us?"

I shook my head, "He went out."

The lady gave me a pitiful smile and left a note for me, "Give him this when he comes back okay?"

I never saw mom after that day. According to the doctors, they said she had coronary artery disease, which led to heart failure.

Two weeks later, It was late at night, I was sleeping in the room when I heard the door banging.

I knew immediately that dad was back. I slowed down my breath waiting to see what he'll do because after mom passes away, he'll always check in on me to see if I'm asleep. Furthermore, I don't know why he does that, but I've been studying his routine.

That night he didn't come into my room, I heard some movement in the kitchen, and then everywhere became quiet which made me realize he's in the living room.

Soon, I heard a lady's voice laughing and then moaning.

I frown, wondering what was going on, dad brought someone home? A lady at that? Who could that be? I thought curiously.

I shook my head and forced myself to sleep. Even though I wanted to know what was going on, I preferred not to get in dad's way. I've been trying to avoid his temper as much as possible, so he won't hit me like he did mom.

Soon, their moans grew louder and louder that I could no longer sleep. I rubbed on my eyes, contemplating if I should go down or not.

Out of habit, I bit on my nails, thinking fast.

After a long while, I came down from the bed, walk to the door, and opened it.

Then I slowly crept towards the living room. My eyes widened the moment I arrived there, dad was naked! The strange girl was also naked, and she was moaning loudly. I might be smart, but I don't understand what they were doing, I knew it a thing done by men and women, but I've never seen it with my eyes.

I forgot myself and stayed rooted to the floor, watching them with wide, curious eyes.

I glanced up at dad and was startled when I saw his eyes on me. He smiled, stopped moving into the woman, and instead used his fingers.

He dipped one into her, and she moaned loudly"Oh yes, more" he added another one and another.

His smile widened a little when he said"Do it, go on, do what I'm doing, to yourself" his eyes were on me, so I knew he was talking to me, the woman thought she was the one, so she did what he asked.

I took a step backward and his eyes narrowed. I knew he'll become angry if I don't do what he asked, so I put one finger in my hidden treasure.

His lips curled up in a smile"Good girl, now rubbed it, that's right like this" he rubbed on the woman's private part making her moans louder.

I didn't know what I'm doing but whatever it was, it made my body feel weird, but I did it anyway, so dad won't get mad at me.

Soon, I felt a hot liquid on my hand, I pulled my hand away to look at it and then back at dad. He only smiled, "Good girl."


"Earth to Laney! Geez, what are you thinking about?" Cassie yelled.

I jumped in surprise, picked up my drink, and took a sip, "What? Did you say something?"

She rolled her eyes, "Ugh of course I did, would I be talking to myself?"

I laughed, "Sorry about that, I just... I just got carried away. What were you saying?"

She huffed, "I said, there'll be a party tonight, and guess what? All those hot guys, the D-brothers will be there, what do you say? You'll be coming, right?"

"Ugh, Cass..." I started, but she cut me off.

"Don't Cass me, you're almost twenty-one, and you don't even have a boyfriend? Who knows if you still have your V-card intact, that will be a shame to me."

I sighed, "You know I'm not interested, Cassie."

"You will be, and you're coming with me tonight, come on, let's go check out your wardrobe and see what you have," she said, dragging me back to my room.

I groaned"Cass!"

She raided through my wardrobe huffing at what she's seeing there "Geez! Why would you have such clothes? I can't find any sexy thing in here, Laney!"

I shrug but didn't comment. Why would I bother with sexy clothes when I'm not dressing for anyone? Besides, the little money I have will end up in house bills, not clothes.

Cassie finally picked out the clothes, she improvised by using a pair of scissors cutting it into a short gown then adding a little touch to it. I could only watch helplessly because she's the fashionista between the two of us. Cassie became my best friend when I arrived in Boston, I have other friends, but I'm not as close with any of them as I am with her.

"There, isn't this much better? I'm off now and will come to pick you up by 8 pm, do NOT change the cloth I picked out for you, show those hot legs would you muah" she kissed my cheeks before leaving.


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