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   Chapter 3 3. Angelic Beauty.

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HAZEL,When I regained my consciousness, I saw a cozy room extremely well furnished in a luxurious way and I lied in a soft and delicate bed and covered with a cherry red silk blanket. There was only Anna and a gorgeous girl in her black hair and grey eyes, looking at me, she shouted in her sweet teen voice, "Damien come fast. She is awake" and left the room hastily.Anna came beside my bed and asked, "Are you all right, Hazel? We were really worried."I replied feebly, "Yes, I am alright. Just my head, it is badly aching and feeling sleepy" and I pouted. She replied firmly, " you then lie down and take rest. If you need anything I am here."I hurriedly, "Where are we? Are we in the hospital? But it doesn't seem like that. Who is that girl?"Instead of Anna, a low husky voice replied, "You are in our castle. I am Xander. And this my friend Damien. We have brought you here as you have lost a lot of blood and your wounds are also very deep so you need proper treatment and rest now. If you need anything you can ask Galaxy."His magnetic voice increased my heartbeat rapidly when I got to know his name, Xander. I blushed without any reason and was really in confusion why my body acted so strangely when I saw those sapphire eyes, beautiful yet mysterious. I murmured, "Thank you but now I think I should return to my camp. All must be worried."Damien charmingly replied in his flirtatious tone, "What do you think cutie we kidnapped you and your friend? We-"Xander replied cutting him in the middle, "We talked to your Prof. before taking you here and you are going to stay here for tonight and may be tomorrow also as you are too weak to track. Anna you can return if you want, we promise we will take her good care and Galaxy and Grandma Mable will stay with her."After looking at them with gratitude, I agreed with Xander and said, " Anna, you must not waste your tour for me. You go and take some rest and please inform all that I am alright."Anna nodded her head in disagreement but after a lot of assurance and a long conversation she reluctantly agreed. Xander asked Damien to give her a ride to our camp. They both left, leaving Galaxy and Xander with me. Xander instantly ordered the teen girl, Galaxy, "Galaxy grab some food for her and call Grandma to come here. She may need some check ups now."She ran again towards the door. Within a second her footsteps faded. Xander, who was standing near the door leaning against the wall, dressed in his blue T-shirt and faded jeans, came closer after hesitating a little and sat on the bed near me. He looked at me with care or some unidentified emotions in his deep eyes and gently murmured, "Are you scared of us?"Though I was in shock bu

t of course I was not scared as I was getting strong good vibes from this mysterious stranger. My heartbeat started sounding so badly that I blushed thinking he could hear it. I wasn't able to control my body's strange act.I suppressed all those strange emotions and replied in a low sly tone, "No. I don't think you people are going to hurt me. You seems like gentleman." He instantly replied with a smirk in his thin lips, " Mmm hmmmm. Right no one will touch you in my house." Though I was feeling weak and there was sharp pain in both my hands and in my right knee, I wanted to sit and look at him properly. Seeing me struggling, he helped me to sit facing him adjusting a soft pillow behind my back. When I felt his strong hands on my skin like an electric wave, my heart seemed like it was going to burst. His long fingers gently supported my back and at last tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear he pulled away his hand. His eyes never left mine during this long process, he was staring at me like he wanted to penetrate my soul and read all my minds with the aid of my eyes but failing again and again and there was a clear sign of confusion in his sculpted face. At last I broke the unbearable silence, "Do you live here near this jungle? But I didn't notice any castle nearby. Are we far away from the forest?""No we are exactly in the middle of the forest. Yes we live here but we have to go to the city to run our business." He replied.I was shocked how people could live in the middle of the forest like Boreal, famous for its wild animals and reptiles and asked, " Are you kidding? No human can live with these wild animals in the middle of the forest. I am sure we are away from Boreal."He charmingly chuckled and whispered exactly near my ear, causing Goosebumps, "We are not human Hazel actually we are the real beast of this forest. Don't say you are scared now."That was for the first time on his thin lips I heard my name sounding exceptionally beautiful in his husky magnetic voice. I desperately replied rolling my eyes, "Of course not. If you are the beast then I am the angel, can easily defeat you."He laughed merrily and behaved like that. I was like an innocent child who wasn't able to trust the reality of the world and replied gently holding my hand in his warm hand and looking straight to my eyes, " Of course you are Hazel. You possess the angelic beauty and a golden heart. Your eyes-"Cutting in the middle, he stood from the bed and walked towards the door, instantly I heard a knock at the door and two people entered along with a tray full of mouth watering foods. The delicious smell of these foods made me extremely hungry and my stomach growled shamelessly.

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